Why am I always having Pattern issues?

So, yes it’s me again for all those people who have been so helpful to me and i am so grateful.:pray: I really do appreciate it but, having to come here nearly everytime i start a new pattern is EXTREMELY annoying!!:gah:
anyway, i started a mittens pattern not too long ago and i’m a bit confused.
(the link is: http://www.knittingatknoon.com/mittenpatt.html btw)
I seem to finish the thumb first (which i understand) but i don’t understand why it tells me to go back to the thumb. I’ve read it over a couple times and i now realize it doesn’t want to do more stitches on the thumb it just wants me to knit on the right side of the thumb. but then it tells me to knit "1st at the base of the thumb, and 1st on the left side)…? i guess you could say this is what’s really getting me. i think the problem is i’m a very visual person and so when i see someone do something or have pictures i can learn very easily but when someone tries to describe how to do something with words i’m totally confused. anyway i pasted an exerpt at the bottom so you don’t have to use the link (it’s just there in case you want it) so could you help me???
pretty please…:rofl:

Thumb: For base of thumb, work 2 (4, 6) more rows in stockinet stitch. Next row: Knit 11 (13, 15); kfb; k6; kfb; with right side facing, slip remaining stitches to a double-ended stitch holder or thread them on waste yarn in a contrasting color. Turn. Purl across 10 stitches of thumb; turn. Continue working thumb, ignoring the first 11 (13, 15) stitches on the needle, in stockinet stitch for 1" (1-1/4", 1-1/2") - or long enough for your child's thumb. Next row: knit 2 together (k2tog) 5 times. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. With tapestry needle, thread this tail through the remaining thumb stitches and pull up tightly, fasten. Sew the inside thumb seam. Secure and weave in end. 
Body of Mitten: With right side facing and end of yarn from ball behind work, use the end of the needle with remaining live hand stitches and pick up and knit one stitch on the right side of thumb, 1 st at the base of the thumb, and 1 st on the left side of thumb. 
Again, thanks.

Hope I can help. They are asking you to create new stitches around the base of the thumb to keep you from having gaps (holes). Your thumb is now a tube. You need to pick up a few stitches from its base to incorporate it into the remainder of the mitten. Otherwise there would be a big hole where the thumb meets the rest of the hand.

what she said. :wink:

ok, that’ll take me a couple reads to understand but i think i may have it! Merci! :pray:

ok, so i knitted the thumb (YES! even tho it looks lik it may b too big i’m going with it anyway) and i sewed it together and everything and then as i was about to start the thing i had trouble understanding (the knit on left n the right side of thumb? which as i’m looking at it is going to take some major consideration as to how i do that considering one’s on one needle and the other is on the other needle) but i dont have yarn attached to either! the yarn was attached to the thumb and then i cut it when i reached the end (top) of the thumb and now i don’t know where to tie the yarn to continue knitting- do you kno what i mean? mayb i should take pictures.
ok, they’re attached. the strand of yarn you may or may not see is form the thumb. i really don’t kno what to do now- do i tie the yarn to one of the sides? if so which one? and where? :shrug: