Who's waiting on the mailman?

What are you waiting on this week?

I am waiting on my KP order:
Options set
10 skeins of Swish
1 skein of sockyarn for the second sock!

and from Barnes and Noble:
Knitting without Tears by EZ

How bout you?

Whatcha waitin for?

All I’m waiting for are comics…

Lost Girls by Alan Moore (which is being reprinted and taking forEVER) and some printed comics from College Roomies from Hell!!!, a webcomic I read.

But that’s because I am trying to catch up with stuff I want to do before I buy more yarn. It is hard to be good around all you lovely enablers. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to see socks from sock wars if my assassin is a fast knitter! I have a good stockpile of yarn so none of that is expected - but what a great surprise it would be!

I ordered some needles from Knitpicks. Just a few to try, but I’m sure I’ll want the whole set. Need these to start a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting. The baby might be premature, so I need to get busy!

Waiting on a gift from my mom and dad. It’s my birthday this week! My sister sent a gift early–a beautiful handmade ceramic fish platter. Very cool. Shhh! Don’t tell her I’ve already opened it. Also sent a few pictures from her wedding this summer. My favorite is the picture they took of my brother, sister and me. My two year old somehow snuck into the picture and lifted his shirt to show his tummy. So here are the three of us in a “picture pose” and my two year old with his tummy like it was the thing to do. It was a great shot! I’m really glad her photographer went with the moment instead of shooing him away.

Also waiting on a lit anthology for a homeschooled student I tutor. Hopefully it will come soon, we’re meeting Wednesday. He took a break in August and September, so I’m ready to start the “school year” right.

Waiting on four skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s pride bulky, a new blanket for my bed and a window treatment for my spare bedroom…not all from the same place. :teehee: Oh yeah, and waiting for my husband to come back from a business trip but he won’t be delivered until Friday. :roflhard:

Your husband travels by USPS? I hope they delier him to the door and not stick him behind a shrub where he sits in the rain for days! Or worse–try to shove him in the mailbox!

Or strap him to the mailbox with rubber bands. :roflhard:

Just got my lace flyer and jumbo flyer. So no mail for a lil’ while. Trying to save for the fiber fair…

I’m waiting on two things…

  1. New computer case because I am building a new one.

  2. Hand dyed roving frim Ashley Martineau at http://www.neauveau.com/

I’m waitng on the DPNs from Carol and a new printer :slight_smile:

OMG! I totally forgot about the set of Clover circs I ordered!!! I can’t wait til they get here.

Hopefully I’ll get a package from my secret pal! I’m part of a spinning SP right now and it ends this week. :smiley:

I am happy for all of you waiting for the mailman… I was going to order some yarn from Knitpicks but we are leaving on vacation… I guess I’ll have to wait… dont want anyone looking into my beautiful yarn while we are away… :-x :teehee:

How exciting to read what everyone is expecting this week :cheering:
Well, for the 1st week in a while I’m not expecting yarn :teehee: rather the new bag (sorry, they are sold out or I would show you a photo!) and wallet that I ordered from Wilsons Leather. Boy, I’m glad that I went ahead and ordered it…it was such a great deal ($120 bag for $28 :cheering: :cheering: ) that the bag is long gone! I must take a photo and show ya’ll when they arrive…the bag is perfect for knitting wips :wink:

I am no longer waiting! My goodies arrived and I am very pleased :cheering: The bag is perfect for my needs, both for carrying my purse-type things and any wip :cheering: And, I’m loving the big wallet/checkbook holder…all in all…a great find :cheering:

I’m waiting on my size 3 circ from KP plus I ordered 2 skeins of Dancing.

Oh, I love knitting socks with my kp circs :cheering:

I am waiting on my very first pair of denise interchangeable needles… I am pretty excited because everyone seems to rave about them…
so :cheering: :cheering:

OH, you will LOVE your denises :cheering:


doorbell rang, and i just KNEW it was my KP Options set! NOPE!
just UPS delivering stuff i dont care about!!

he tricked me!!
ah…hopefully they’ll be here tomorrow!