Whole-lotta-sock socks - FO

I finally finished these…they’re done on two circs, two at a time, toe-up, short-row heel (phew!) These were my first toe-up socks, as well as first short-row. There was a whole lotta this: :wall: :!!!: that went into making these socks.

The yarn is KP self-striping something-or-other that has been discontinued. I’m not crazy about the yarn, but I really wanted to use it up and get it out of my stash. (Hence the long-ness - I kept knitting until I got to knee-length.)

They look great!! :muah:

I really should attempt the toe-up thing. I always wonder how long a pair of socks could be with one ball but when going from cuff down you don’t want to cut it short and run out!! This way I guess you can just knit till you’re out of yarn.

Those look great!

Mama Bear

Very nicely done! I have socks made with that same yarn - they softened up a lot after they were washed.

They look great! :cheering:

They look great. I have some KP stripes in my stash. I have just been too chicken (or lazy) to do it. I have only made one sock. It was baby sized on DPNs and very frustrating. Notice I only said one sock, not a pair. I love the knee length.


I think they are great! I was just thinking I want to make knee high socks… where did you find the pattern, or was it on your own?

Excellent socks! And you got those stripes to match perfectly too!

Very nice :heart: No shaping in the legs? You just kept going?

WTG!!! They look great! I love, love short row heels and toes :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks, everyone!
There’s no shaping in these, but I have chicken legs. lol.
I did decrese 4 stitches total along my ankle and then increased again right before my calf…so, I guess that’s some sort of shaping. Really, I just kept trying them on as I went along to see how they fit. I also knit about 1 1/2 inches of k1p1 ribbing to make sure that they’ll stay up.

I’m in love with toe-up socks now…it seems like you have so much more control over the size and shape of the sock when you can just try it on as you go…and, no worrying about running out of yarn!

I used Wendy Johnson’s pattern found here.

I’m glad to hear that the yarn gets softer…I’ll have to run them through the wash a few times, then.

A whole lotta sock, indeed! Nice job! :notworthy:

YIKES!!! That’s what you call a SOCK COMMITTMENT!!!

they look great!

Ack! I wish! I could make socks like that. :grrr: lol. :wink: I’m getting better. :slight_smile: But yours look PERFECT! :slight_smile:

Gosh they great!!! :cheering:

OMG I need socks like that lol, the boys have been asking to go trick or treating this year and we finally gave in and Rohan wants me to be a witch with a hat and broom ect, these in halloween colours would be perfect to go with that lol, not that mine would look anywhere near as good as yours LMAO, yours just look so spiffy its not funny…

Very nice! Don’t you love toe ups???

I like them. I have the same yarn for a pair of socks for me…but haven’t gotten around to them yet.