WHOA...those are some BIG needles



Screaming hoax to me…


Well they do have scale models of it, but I believe it.


If I’m gullible, I’m gullible…but anything is possible…maybe improbable, but possible

Its not a hoax…there were articles and pictures of that posted all over KH a few months back… Its like a “performace art” piece or something.

There is an LYS in the city that, as its window display, has knitting needles as thick as baseball bats, each about 4 feet long, and an afghan-sized piece of knitting hanging off of it made of strips of thick paper!

Some of my friends went to see that last summer.

So not a hoax at all! They’ve got some weird stuff at Mass MoCA. I don’t really get most of it, I’ll admit.