Who sells on Etsy.com?

Hi, I am brand new to Etsy, and would love to hear more ideas about how to promote there. My friend, who does really well on Etsy, said that I have to start by posting on the forums and checking out the Etsylabs. I just bought the Etsy Success Guide by seller The Buzz (http://thebuzz.etsy.com ) and it’s awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone with an Etsy shop. I’m curious if anyone else read it?

I hope that I can get my store going soon because I want to keep staying home with my kids!!


Hi there,
i sell on etsy; been on since nov 2008. I sell handcrafted jewelry and vintage 1980s goods. I have not read that guide, but if you stick around their forums you will read all sorts of ways to self promote. I have to say that 50% of those who have bought from me are from my offline marketing via word of mouth at work or what have you. I also have an etsy mini on my facebook page, I plurk (twitter is too crowded for my tastes), and thats about it. Because of the nature of etsy, you really have to work hard to promote yourself and I don’t have the time to devote to it full time. Oh, I also bought a facebook ad, but that’s not bringing in many people. I will do another facebook ad but market it differently.
You will find that lots of etsy sellers are having a slow time of it, so don’t take it personally. Its part economy and part overcrowding over there!

Good luck!

I’ve been thinking about starting an etsy shop. However, I know a few people that left etsy for Big Cartel. They like it better over there because it is less crowded and you have more control over the look of your storefront.