Who Remembers Fizz Knitting?

Is there anyone out there who can Help me in the late eighties I remember Knitting with One Large needle and one Small needle, (I have it in my Head that it was called Fizz Knitting??!!) :?? . I can’t find any paterns, and I am Sure that people must think I’m MAD. Whenever I mention it people say they remember it but can’t help me I am fed up with trying to find this in the shops, Please Please Please can anybody Help??

:smiley: 1st of all, welcome to the forum :waving:
I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with fizz knitting…I’ve only been knitting 2 yrs, but it does sound intriquing :wink:

I remember doing that – I used something like a 17 in one hand and an 8 in the other. Made for a quick knit! I haven’t seen any patterns for that, but I did see a swatch made up that way in Ben Franklin on Friday, so perhaps there are some out there after all. I don’t recall it being called Fizz knitting, but it was nearly 20 years ago that I remember doing it!

Good luck!


I do believe it was called Condo Knitting.
And still is, if Google is to believed.
Here’s one site with a pattern:

Haven’t seen a pattern either and I was a lil kid in the late eighties, but I have seen circular needles like that…let me see…ah here:http://wollywood.de/zubehoer/rundnadel_duo/index.html