Who is the lady in the videos?

I absolutely love all of the learning videos on this site and am just wondering who the lady is that is on them? Whoever you are, you have helped me SO MUCH! Thanks!

That would be Amy. as far as I know, she and her DH, Sheldon are the owners/admins of this site.

and I agree, they are wonderful!

Yes, that is Amy in the videos. She’s a sweetheart. :slight_smile:



We :heart: Amiola! And Sheldon! And Baby ShelAmy!


I was standing in WEBS with Amy waiting to see the Yarn Harlot and people all around us were kind of scratching their head. You could almost hear them thinking “I know that voice from somewhere I just can’t place it”:slight_smile:

haha. Amy is the most famous pair of hands on the internet!