Who has self-control?

So my KnitPicks order arrived last night. (It’s my Christmas gift from DH to me - but I ordered it because he had no clue what I wanted and he told me to order it). I was gone when it came. Before I left, I told him that UPS was expected to deliver it. I told him if he didn’t want me to rip it open when I got home, he should hide it.

I got home, and there it sat on the kitchen counter. I grabbed it and started to open it, and he told me I was not to open it until Christmas. I believe the words he used were “over my dead body.” He left the box in the kitchen. It’s sitting on my kitchen floor right now. It looks so sad sitting by itself in the corner. I know those Harmony cable needles are in it. I suggested he put it away today so that I won’t open it while he’s at work.

He told me to exercise some self-control and leave it alone.

So I’m wondering how many of you would exercise self-control and leave it alone and how many of you would open the box???

That box would have been ripped open so fast and if it was over anyone’s dead body…so be it.

My dh did the same thing last year with the options…they sat on the dishwasher the whole month of dec and I couldn’t touch them…he had the kids even saying no mommy, we have to wait… so I’d prolly wait but want to tell you to go rip into that box!! :teehee:


Oh, you have GOOD self-control!!!

I ordered the Harmony options for my birthday from DH :teehee: and they came a few days before my b’day… They got opened and used before that day came along. And I don’t feel one bit guiltly! :mrgreen:

They make knitting even more enjoyable since they are so beautiful.

I’ll have to see. Mine are getting delivered today or tomorrow. I want to try them so bad. But I also want to honor my brother’s wishes that they not be opened until Christmas. If feel a lot like those cartoons with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. :teehee:

ummmm …open them, play with them, wrap them back up … NOT that I have ever done anything like that before … as a child or an adult :slight_smile:

On the one hand, I’d say its his own dang fault that he left them out with you home alone (like when my parents would leave the wrapping room unlocked in the basement when we were little - if we got in, hey, they left it unlocked!). And since it is NOT under the tree… (In my family, its off limits to anything but shaking if its under the tree… if you find it anywhere else, its fair game).
But, on the other hand, you have to take into consideration - how mad will your dh be? My dad would throw a fit, my mom would send them BACK, my brother would just go out of the house for a while.

Mine are sitting on the floor on dh’s side of the bed… UGH. I have managed to exercise my self control so far (it’s only been 3 days!) but I’m never home alone either, so…

I am soon to face this same situation myself.
Hopefully my husband will be the one to pick up the mail, because I’ll be very tempted if I find it. :shifty: I know it’s beautiful yarn in that box just waiting to be petted and loved. But if I ask my husband to hide it for me, he will.
Now, for my birthday, I got the knitpicks options, and they were opened and used and loved a month early.
But in all honesty, I think I’d wait on the Christmas present. My kids get so much enjoyment helping Daddy wrap my presents I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. :hug:

I’d wait because he asked me too. DH finally got me the laptop I’ve been wanting for 2 years. He’s out of town, but asked me nicely if I would wrap it when it came WITHOUT opening the shipping box and put it under the tree. So that’s what I did. After all, he did pay for it and it is his gift to give.

I have some “self control”…depending on what it is.:woot:

I have no choice with my self control. My fiance bought me the KnitPicks Options set for my xmas but he got them delivered to his. I managed to get a look at them but he won’t let me have them before hand :wink: I bought myself a set of 4mm needle tips and cable to get a feel of them and I’m so glad I bought them.

Funny that so many of us are getting Options for Christmas! :slight_smile:

Well he asked me what I wanted for xmas. He was going to give me £100 for clothes but I got him to get me the Options instead. I have to save up myself to get the Harmony set.

Ladies, ladies, haven’t you ever peeked at presents before??

The trick is slicing the tape in such a manner that no one notices. A nice, sharp pocketknife does the job. Remember to take a picture of the package FIRST, though, so you can get things put back exactly like you found them.

Then, when you are legally allowed to open your “gift,” you put on an Academy Award winning performance that even Meryl Streep can’t beat.



I say leave them be. My b-day present is sitting in the foyer, and has been for about 2 weeks now. I’m not allowed to open it until the end of the month. While it drives me nuts, I know my DH gets a thrill out of seeing me excited over what he bought me.

And if that’s all he got you for Xmas, he probably wants you to have one nice present at least on the actual day. I remember our first Xmas, DH’s present for me got spoiled on Xmas Eve, and he felt awful on Xmas day when he was opening his presents and I didn’t have any to open.


I’m so sorry to hear about the demise of your husband. Never stand between a knitter and a box of new knitting supplies! And it isn’t like what is in the box is really secret. It’s like buying a toy in front of your kid and saying, “You can’t have it until your birthday.” That’s cruel!