Who has made the booga bag?

About how big does that felt down two? I think I saw someone say it was a good knitting bag, is that right?

Also random felting question… can I make (side) pockets and then felt or would that all just mush together? Do I need to sew them on after felting?

My finished product was very close to the approximate measurements given at the end of the pattern. “The finished dimensions are approx: 4 1/2 X 7 1/2 X 8 1/2.” It might make a good knitting bag but it really isn’t very big if you have a lot of stuff. It also isn’t all that deep, not deep enough to store long knitting needles. Okay, so maybe it ISN’T a good knitting bag!! hehe :lol: If you could make it bigger and deeper, then YES! :thumbsup:

I didn’t add any pockets to mine but am still thinking of doing that, after the fact. I think that I would felt pockets as a separate item and sew on afterwards.

I second the opinion that a Booga bag probably wouldn’t make the best knitting purse unless it was for a smallish WIP. It’s just a cute bag - not meant to hold tons of stuff. Mine also wound up the same dimensions the pattern said it would.

I didn’t do pockets in the Booga, but have done pockets in other felted bags. It’s fine to sew in the pocket before felting. The pocket doesn’t mush together with the purse at all. Sewing first, felting second helps hide your stitches too. I recommend it.

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Isn’t it AMAZING that felted “sides of things” DONT felt together? I was worried that I might have to separate the insides of my clogs each time I checked them in the washer…NOPE! They were as separate as separate gets! I tell ya…science is WEIRD!! :??

I have a pattern I bought for a felted bag. It has pockets on all four sides. You knit them first as part of the bag and then felt. So I guess they don’t all stick together.

I haven’t made the Booga bag. But I know someone here, maybe Rebecca or Joyce (foothills) have made a larger version. She called it the Bigga Bag! :slight_smile:

Joyce did…Ill send her a heads up via PM to take a looky-loo at your question! :thumbsup:

My Bigga Bag…I increased the size of the pattern in multiples and posted a photo in my blog thread. It also used 5 1/2 skeins of Noro, rather than the 3 skeins called for in the pattern. I don’t think it would make a good knitting bag though, unless you just used it for one project. I e-mailed the designer about the floppiness of the bag and she said that Noro felts “droopier” than other yarns. I wasn’t very thrilled with the bottom not being so sturdy. As far as the size when finished felting my bags shrunk more in height than width and finding an object to air dry it on was a pain…I ended up using a plastic garbage container from Roses!

I ended up going to AC Moore and picking up the counted crossstich plastic grid and two pieces of the stick on felted sheets and cut them to the size of the bag bottom…sticking a piece on each side of the grid to insert in the bottom of the back to square it and prevent it from being so droopy. It turned out to be a cute bag that I gave to my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day.

I saw a thread somewhere on this site concerning lining but can’t seem to find it. I think this bag would look nice if lined and perhaps sturdier, but I’m no seamstress either!

I have 3 skeins of Noro in a different color that I will probably knit the Booga by pattern…eventually :wink:


KK, our search queen, can you find the recent thread where we talked about making the bottom sturdier? I lookd, but didn’t see it…

Your wish is my command, Hildegard…I searched on “booga sturdy”


you rock. I knew you’d find it. :thumbsup:

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