Who has all kinds of different yarns, supplies and books?

My mom wants to give me a gift certificate for Christmas and I can’t figure out where I want it from.

I was thinking KnitPicks, but if I end up needing something from a particular brand for a pattern, I’d like to have that option, KWIM?

Is there a store, either brick and mortar or online, that would have lots of different yarns, knitting supplies and knitting books that I could choose from?

Since I’m a beginning knitter I don’t have a yarn stash, and there’s still some supplies I could use, not to mention some books I would love… it would be great to have the option of browsing all types of things, if you know what I mean!

:?? I haven’t seen any stores yet that seem to carry all sorts of things, but I’m sure they must exist!

For online I would suggest Patternworks.com or Yarnmarket.com
They have lots of brands and types of stuff from yarn to books to tools :thumbsup: I have lurked on Patternworks a lot but haven’t ordered yet. I am pokey while going through the site and after a while you’re basket gets emptied if you don’t tend to it soon enough. I did order from Yarnmarket and it was a fine experience.

www.herrschners.com has a pretty wide selection, and frequent sales.

I’ve also used patternworks and was happy with them.

Knitpicks would STILL be great…if not for yarn, then for books and needles and notions and stuff. Their prices on knitting books is often better than Amazon!

Does WEBS offer online GCs? www.yarn.com