Who got YOUR hand made socks?

[COLOR=#191970]OK. So sisters might just be the worst of sock theives.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#191970]Who else has benefited from your hand made socks?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#191970]Visit the poll [B]Who got YOUR hand made socks?[/B] on [/COLOR][[COLOR=#0000ff]http://yarnahoy.blogspot.com/[/COLOR]](http://yarnahoy.blogspot.com/)[COLOR=#191970] & vote![/COLOR]

[COLOR=#191970]Choices include mother, daughter, your gay room-mate etc. Let me know if I omitted a sock-beneficiary & I’ll add them. Results are public. Multiple votes are allowed (please choose only appropriate answers to keep the poll real).[/COLOR]

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[COLOR=#191970][B]Mozilla Firefox users[/B] will find the [B]grey voting box[/B] on the right hand side of the blog.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#191970]Cheers :)[/COLOR]