Who else makes a washable wool blend other than Plymouth Encore or KnitPicks Swish?

I’m looking for a machine washable wool blend, worsted weight, similar to Plymouth Encore. I’d USE Encore or KP Swish, but I’ve got my heart set on colors that neither of them have. Any suggestions of where to look next?

I want to start a baby blanket for my future babies. Since dh and I aren’t even TRYING yet, there’s a good chance I’ll actually finish before the kid is in school! (Place your bets carefully. Don’t let my optimism fool you! hee hee)

So, naturally, I need a gender neutral color scheme. But I just can’t bring myself to knit a pastel yellow and green . . . anything! blech! :ick:

The colors I’m looking for are similar to KP’s Shine Worsted “Green Apple” and “Crocus” which can be seen here.

Lionbrand Woolease is a blend; there are also superwash wools.

I’d check www.yarndex.com to get some ideas.

HI Ladybug Lady,

That’s great that you plan on getting a jump on a blanket for your future child. I use Plymouth Encore yarn for many projects…I have also used Enclore chucky to make a baby blanket. I’m currently making a baby blanket using Plymouth Dreambaby DK…
I suggest you browse the Plymouth Yarn Co website to check out the beautiful colors they offer. I think you will see something you like. Let us know what your decision is. Have fun knitting!

Paton’s Decor is a blend similar to Encore. If you want a nice superwash wool I would recommend Cascade 220 Superwash. Very nice yarn reasonably priced.

cascade 220 comes in a superwash too, lots of yardage for a good price too.
mission falls 1824 wool is also machine washable!
those are the first 2 washable wools that come to mind for me

Those are great suggestions. Mission Falls has some amazing colors.

Another vote for Cascade 220 superwash - there are so many colors to chose from and the wool feels so nice - not scratchy at all.

Baby Ull by Dale of Norway is a lovely soft superwash [U]merino[/U] wool that comes in two dozen cheerful colors. It gets 6.5-7 stitches per inch. Machine washable.

Mission Falls 1824 wool has a more sophisticated color range and an interesting texture. It’s worsted weight.

And I’ll cast another vote for Cascade 220. Great all-around yarn.

I’m halfway through a blanket (not for a baby) using Lion Brand WoolEase and I’m not overwhelmed. The colors are nice, but the yarn splits like crazy and it just doesn’t have the softness of merino. I found Encore pleasanter to use, but a baby blanket I made did not hold up well to machine washing and drying – it pilled and looked shabby after a short time.

If I were making baby things now, I’d stick to machine-washable merino. To me, it’s the best of all worlds: looks good, feels good, cleans up easily and is nice to knit with.

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!! It sounds like I may end up using the Cascade 220.

Another option is to buy the “Bare” Swish superwash from Knit Picks and dye it yourself. That could be fun.

I thought of that… and then I thought of my propensity to almost always never finish anything I start. Not sure DH would go for wool hanging in the shower for weeks!!

Maybe someday when we have a house and a backyard…Then maybe my jedi yarn mistress powers would have more of an effect…“Pay no attention to the yarn on the clothsline. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” hee hee hee

I have the same propensity and therefore have never attempted dying, either. :teehee: I know where you’re coming from.