Who can use my blankets?


I live in the NE section of the USA and have always knit for local nursing homes. Where can I find other organizations that would take my knitted items??

I have knitted baby blankets and blankets of all different sizes/colors.

Any hints??


*animal shelters from snugglesproject.com (you can send directly to their main office and they can distribute them. It’s easier then spending days looking for a shelter that can use them).



If you do a search for “charity baby blankets” and/or minus the “baby” you should be able to find some listings.



And if you prefer that all your hard work not go to the dogs (and the cats), then try crises pregnancy centers, children’s homes and hospitals, hospice care, shut-ins, and foster children.

You can also contact the churches around you and see if their ministries have a need for blankets. Or pick a disease (cancer, AIDS, MS, MD, etc.), find an organization that works with these patients, verify the organization’s track record, and then contact them to see if they can use your blankets.

If you want to branch out and send your blankets around the world, pick a group to help: orphans in Bangladesh, rescued child soldiers in Africa, AIDS babies, rescued victims of human trafficking, etc., etc. Find an organization that helps these people, verify that organization’s track record, and then contact them about your blankets.

The options are limitless! You might also check the following places for charity threads: Ravelry, crochet forums, and quilting forums.


Troops in Afghanistan. They usually only receive bare necessities over there and let me tell you it gets mighty cold in those mountains) this comes from friends currently deployed). They would also like the comfort of knowing someone went out of there way to support them. The blankets do make it home (my husband brought 2 home). The children over there would also appreciate them.


Here’s a list of several more charities. It’s worth looking through several because their needs and specifications are sometimes quite narrow. Even Afghans for Afghans may only be accepting mittens and socks despite the title. Some charities only want natural fibers, others, acrylics only. With so many possibilities, I’m sure you’ll find at least one that’s just right. And with hurricane Sandy, there may well be very local charities looking for just your blankets.


I personally knit for a wonderful organization that houses children that have become parentless…thru incarceration, or just being displaced…They use and keep the blankets,from my understanding, for security…The children’s ages start from infancy and on…You can pm me if you’d like, I will send you the address…and thanks in advance :heart:


I have crochet hats, scarfs, lapgans, baby Blankets, slippers etc.by hand for past 6 years and have found that Homeless people seem to be forgotten or they don’t ask for help. I take mine to many Larger cities here in New Mexico & southern Colorado and hunt down the homeless off the streets, churchs, any center they may go and give them to them. Before I moved here to NM I lived in Eastern Ky.for 23 years I use to make large supplies and allow Child services to collect for the needy children taken & Placed in Foster who needed some warmth & Love. Area Locals less fortunate. You can really make others :slight_smile: to show some Love


Hi, Could you help me? I am working on the Red Heart Fans & Cables Throw, LW2936. The pattern reads, K5, P1, work increase, K2. In the stitch description, it says that an increase is purl into the front and back of the next stitch. But if you do this, the pattern doesn’t work out. What am I doing wrong? Thank you very much.


Could you send me that address? I would love to help.


There is a thread in the Forum…for help with a pattern, you might get a better response there…and I will try and help with your post…


Thanks for the help in advance.


To do the type of inc, knit the stitch as you normally would, but do not take the “stich” off the needle, pull up the the stitch you just knit and hold it on the needle, then insert the needle (stitch attatched) thru the back loop of the stitch on the needle…it will give you 2 stitches therefore and inc of 1…hope that helps


You could send them to Villalobos, it’s a pitbull rescue, they need blankets year round


I take knit and crochet blankets to the local shelter for abused children in my area.


Thanks for all your ideas and recommendations!! I gave most of my blankets to a friend to pass along to a crisis pregnancy center!!! I am SO GLAD that my projects will be used to bring comfort to others!!!



Great idea!


I am trying to help a blighted ares of my beloved hometown, Kansas, and it is a long story, but we need knitting help. We are going to Yarn Bomb" a whole street and area for people to see as they visit, pass through, etc. we are going to have the boys and Girls clubs involved as well as high school students and seniors…everyone can participate. We need knitted goods to help us do this. All 200 neighbors will be docarating their mailboxes…we hope and we will be doing trees. Utility poles etc. they will be maintained and in place for approx 3vweeks. We take them down, clean them and use them at the next celebration. We need things to use as is or repurpose.


My email is peggys30982@yahoo.com. Cell 303-547-0544. I am a little desperate to get things for these folks to use to have some fun and reinstall pride iin their neighborhood…no one knits.