Whipstitch for finishing sweater

Hello everyone,

I am knitting a sweater from a book of patterns that uses a whipstitch to finish the sides and sleeves. There is one picture that shows this stitch, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. :??

Does anyone here know of a site that has an instruction video or really good instructions on how to knit this stitch? Any help would be so appreciated.

I did look at Amy’s videos here, but she does not show that particular one.

Amy1 :smiley:

It’s possible that she doesn’t show it because it doesn’t do a very nice job. I say go with the mattress stitch. You won’t be sorry. Any kind of seaming done on the inside is lumpy, in my opinion. Mattress is virtually invisible.

Thanks Ingrid for your unbelievably quick response :cheering:

I will try the mattress stitch for seaming the sleeves and sides. I will say that the shoulders on her sweaters look really nice in whipstitch. So If you or anyone else knows of a source to learn that stitch, please let me know. I would like to use it for the shoulders of my sweater.

Amy1 :smiley:

Check out Three Needle Bind Off for shoulders. It’s the bestest of the best!!

It can only be done with live stitches, but keep it in mind. I have to say that one of the things that kept me knitting after a long absence was learning really good finishing techniques.

Thanks Ingrid.

Wow those seams look awesome. I am soooooo a beginner knitter right now that just reading “THREE needle” scares me. :roflhard:

I do appreciate your help.


Sounds scarier than it is. If you know how to bind off, you can easily do this.