Whippet pattern question

Hello! Making Whippet (long) and realize I’ve made a mistake. Can I continue? It’s top down and I’ve done collar, joining, yoke and completed 6th set of increases. The problem is I just realized at 2nd set of increases (where it’s clearly marked “continue with YOUR SIZE) I continued straight down the page which was XS size. So 2nd set-6th set of increases I did in XS and beginning of pattern in S and would like to continue in small. Any ideas on how big of a disaster this will be?:roll_eyes::grimacing:. Thanks for any input!

I’ve made the short version of this sweater. Check the stitch counts and row numbers between the two sizes.
Looking at the version I have the XS ends the 6th inc section with 41 sts on the fronts and 94 on the back. The S has 42 sts on the fronts and 96 on the back so not that different.
Check the total row numbers in the pattern to see how close the 2 sizes are. You may be able to go ahead with just the necessary increases to make up the difference between the two sizes.

Thank you - your right, the number of stitches is minimal!!! Huge help, really appreciate it!