Whippet dog sweaters

Hi everyone: I have just moved to Connecticut from California, and I want to knit a nice wool sweater for my Whippet Vivian. I have had no luck in finding a pattern. As you may know, whippets are quite narrow, long in length with a deep chest and small butt. They have long thin legs for their size as well. If anyone has a pattern I would be very happy to hear from you. Tillie

found one

I think the only way to a get dog coat pattern that fits any dog is to make them to measure.
Many patterns have notes on how to make the sweaters to any size. All you need is the dogs measurements and your swatch gauge, It just requires a bit of basic maths.
here’s some that show how,


These two patterns are specifically design for whippets.


these are awesome, and will be saved - i’ve wanted a whippet for a long time and he’ll need sweaters for our cold weather. :wink: