While waiting for labor

These are a couple things I’ve been working on while I wait for our #2 to come… :pray:
Thank you to all who have been posting these bunnies! Obviously, you have inspired me! They were fun to do during a time when NOTHING is fun to do!
The best part about these is I think I finally got the hang of seaming- every knitters nightmare (or at least mine!).
My fave part is the bums- they are too too cute…

:smiley: Too, too cute! I must agree…cute bums :wink:

:rofling: bunny buns. too cute!

Love the bunnies and their adorable bottoms! :thumbsup:

Those are just precious!


Those are so cute!

Those are adorable! What a great way to pass the time! (takes notes)

Very, very cute! The blue one’s bum is my favorite bum. :smiley:

Congrats on #2 and I hope these last days/weeks go smoothly for you.


A rainbow of bunnies! Those are just so adorable!

Aaaaw!! Cute buny bunnies :thumbsup:

BTW- due April 10th… Yes… it IS tomorrow!
And thanks! You guys are the BEST! My DH doesn’t understand my knitting obsession- but you do!!
:inlove: MYUAH! :inlove:

awwww… i want make one too!!!

How adorable!

Good luck with babe #2, they will love those bunnies I’m sure :cheering: