Which yarn is for a beginner knitter like my self?

plz help im a newbie at knitting… thanks alot

Welcome! I would suggest starting with some inexpensive, plain smooth yarn. Basic acrylic yarns can be purchased at most craft stores (JoAnn’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc), or if you would prefer wool visit a local yarn store (frequently abbreviated LYS on the forum). In either case you want something smooth and medium weight (look for worsted wight) so that you can see the stitches easily. Avoid the fun novelty yarns (such as eyelash) and highly textures yarns (such as Lion Brand Homespun) at first because they don’t let you easily see what you are doing. “Ribbon” and 100% cotton yarns are also not very good for beginners because they do not have very much elasticity, making them more difficult to work with. Good luck!

Welcome! Hope you become as addicted as the rest of us!

The best stuff to learn on is a chunky weight yarn on US size 10 or 11 needles. The yarn should be smooth and a light color because it helps you see what your doing. I also used cheap yarn so that if I royally messed up it really wouldn’t matter. And I still have the yarn I learned on and use it to test new techniques.

Good luck!

For that I recommend bernat softee chunky. Cheap and it comes in the nicest colors! :thumbsup:

I learned on Red Heart Super Saver. I knit throught the whole skein and never touched it again! :smiley: FWIW, I always recommend US8 needles for beginners, with worsted weight yarn.

Whatever you do, don’t start with 100% cotton! :smiley:

Wool ease. It’s cheap and the closest thing to “like wool” and comes in nice colors.

I vote for Plymouth Encore, not terribly expensive, but slides nicely on the needles and feels nice to knit with.

I started not very long ago myself. For the type of yarns, I agree with the heavier ones. Get bulky. As for quality, it’s really up to your personal taste and your budget. Also it depends on how crafty you are. If you are the type that tend to make a lot of mistakes, then start with a cheaper yarn. I started with a designer brand bulky 100% merino wool which came out really nice. Then I further challenged myself with a cotton/elastic sock yarn and also surprised myself how nice the socks came out. So use your judgement.

thanks everyone for the help, i really appreciate it :thumbsup:

i hope i can finish my scarf. =)