Which yarn/how much for baby blanket?

i have an easy blanket pattern for a baby blanket, and it calls for 28 ounces of a worsted weight yarn, no yardage given. is there any way to figure out how much yardage i’d need in a worsted weight given the ounces and the gauge (3.5st/in)? i was considering using KP shine worsted, and have no clue how much to order.

also, have you used lion brand microspun for a baby blanket? if so, how much did you use, and how big was your blanket? i’d love to use the microspun at some point, but again, have no clue how much i would need.

thanks for the help!

1 skein of Shine worsted is 50 grams
50 grams= 1.76 ounces
That would be about 16 skeins for 28 oz.

I like microspun but it’s really thin and so it takes forever to knit a baby blanket with!

I like Caron Simply Soft or Bernat Softee for baby blankets. The can be machine washed, aren’t that expensive, I think they are soft, and they have pretty colors.

[color=red]Caron Simply Soft[/color]
100% Acrylic worsted weight yarn, 4 ply
165 yards per 3 oz skein, solid
130 yards per 2.5 oz skein, ombre
330 yards per 6 oz skein, solid
260 yards per 5 oz skein, ombre

[color=red]Bernat Softee[/color]
Solids (161439)
Content: 100% Acrylic
Put-up: 3.50 oz / 100 g, 3 Balls / Package
Length: 164 yd / 150 m

Ombres (161440)
Content: 100% Acrylic
Put-up: 2.80 oz / 80 g, 3 Balls / Package
Length: 134 yd / 123 m

I’ve used Microspun to make a pair of socks. The socks came out great–the yarn looks gorgeous worked up, it’s soft and super comfy–BUT man that stuff is a PITA to work with. It splits like a banana. :!!!:

I like cotton tots and Caron Simply Soft for blankets!

This site might have some sort of conversion calculator you could use…

thanks for the help!

i should have known to convert grams to ounces! :doh:

so microspun isn’t the best to work with. good to know. i’ll keep that in mind. it’s disappointing though, it’s so soft!

microspun is a little difficult to get used to, but i love the way it turns out. if you want the knit it up faster, just use two stands held together.