Which would you do?

Okay, I have some extra spending money at the moment. I can either order a set of Denise interchangeable needles or go to my LYS on Saturday as she is having a buy one get TWO FREE sale. :XX:
She had a tiny fire in her shop last Fall and the yarns do NOT smell of smoke at all. I bought a few back then. But now she is wanting to really move them “out” and having this sale.

My thoughts are the yarn would be nice to have but she won’t have enough of any one kind of yarn to really make anything other than a scarf. :rollseyes:

Or I could order the needles and maybe NOT have to keep buying new needles in different sizes.

What do you think?? :??

Gosh, that’s a hard decision :thinking: :?? I would do the yarn, but I have Denise’s & addi’s, etc… :thinking: :?? Probably the Denise set is the best bet since u don’t think she’s going to have enough yarn to do the projects you want to do :thumbsup:

I vote for the Denises, unless you can come up with enough yarn to make a fair isle project.

That would be a good deal on yarn…if you could get enough of any one kind to do upcoming projects.

The price of the Denise needles seems to be pretty consistent from what I’ve read, so I think I’d check out the yarn sale first. But then if I couldn’t stock up on enough of the yarns that I wanted I’d get the Denises instead.

i would probably buy both yarn AND the needles…but i am ridiculous! :rollseyes:

i would actually be more inclined to hit the yarn. my spending habits tend to make me look at the price of the yarn and the price of the needles and decide that i can get MORE yarn with that needle money…lol

but i would buy the needles later so did i save anything? :rofling:

I just ordered the Denise needles. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
I still have some money left over so can still go to the sale but not buy as much!! :happydance:

Now I just have to wait until they arrive. Thank you for your input!

:cheering: :cheering: YAY…BOTH!!! :cheering: :cheering:

both is a fantabulous choice!

:cheering: Good choice :smiley: Now you can pick up enough yarn to make the felted Denise needle tote that someone listed under the “pattern central” threads!!

Holly, I did see that bag…very nice. But I just started a bag today. It’s from the “Simply Noro” book. I saw it on display at a yarn shop last week and I really loved it. It looks like a bag I’d use very often. I just got the yarn in the mail this morning and I have cast on. Here is the bag…

I chose more “neutral” colors but that one really IS knit with the colors I love. So I may end up making two of them!! It was very pretty in person. :XX: :XX:

I’m with Brenda…I’d buy both too! LOL!!

Knowing me, I’d go for the yarn…I’m addicted…not having the right size needles gives me reason to buy a new size/length every so often!

Get the Denise’s and buy yarn too! :twisted: :roflhard:

Nice choice on the bag! Very pretty :smiley:

Yay! Gotta do both :slight_smile: Maybe you’ll get lucky at the yarn sale and she’ll have more yarn than you think.

I have denises and love them, BUT…I always find needles I love, too. Brittany Birch dpns. and tho’ I have a full compliment of circs with the denises, I still want to buy some addis. Greedy, greedy, greedy!!! I’d probably buy a little of both if I could swing it.

you can not have enough needles. go for the needles and wait for another yarn sale.