Which would be best?

I will be knitting a scarf with Red Heart Camo for my son’s PE coach. I want to put his initials on the scarf (SW). I’m not following a certain pattern. My question is this, which would be the best way to incorporate the initials? My plans are to put the initals on a pocket and attach the pocket to the scarf. Any suggestions?

Depending on the stitch pattern you’re using you might be able to use duplicate stitching or if you will have an area of plain stockinette you could use reverse stockinette for the initials.

Hmm… because it’s a scarf and you can see the back it might be best to use duplicate stitch. Unless you are doing a double knit one or something.

I think it depends on how you knit the scarf. If it’s a plain garter stitch scarf I’d just go back and use a needle-point sort of thing to put them in, otherwise I’d use a fair isle technique, but that’s just me :mrgreen:

I’d agree with duplicate stitch.

Thanks for the advice. I’m using the stockinette stitch with a pocket at the end so no one will see the back of the initials. Before making the final pocket, I’ll try the suggestions. Thanks again!:muah: