Which side is the design supposed to be facing?

I tried to fix some stitches (I knit when I should have purled) so I took only those off and tried to put them back on the needle, but now I don’t know if I twisted it somehow.

If the work is on the left needle, is the design supposed to be facing up (where I can see the skull) or should I not be able to see it?

(What I’m working on)

:cheering: Icant read a graph could you help me pleas

The right side is shown on your link… the side with the skull image in purl sts. BUT! If you turn it over, you can still see the image with the sts in knit, so either side will reflect the image. As for twisted sts… If you’re righthanded, the sts. on the left needle will be looped over the needle with the front leg closest to the tip of the needle to be untwisted. HTH Mary

If I’m not mistaken, the design will be facing you if you’re on a RS row. It’s still there on a WS row, but maybe less apparent.

Hi ladies, thanks for the help.
However I am still confused- sorry!! When you say- the purl side or knit side- how do I know which side I am on (as there are purl and knit stitches on the same row)? You said the skull image is on the ps? How is that as there are both purl and knit stitches?

And how would I know if I’m on a RS vs. a WS row? What constitutes the right vs. wrong?


The even number rows are your right side. Then as you look at it, it will look just like the photo, with stockinete stitch surrounding the skull face.

When you flip it around to do the odd number rows, tht is the back side. You will still be able to see the skull on the back side, it will just be reverse fromthe front.

On the front, the background is stockinete and the skull is reverse stockinette. On the wrong or back side, the skull is stockinette and the background is reverse stockinette.

Very cool pattern, by the way!!