Which scarf would be quicker? Which better?

I need to whip up a scarf for #1 son - in his stocking he received two lovely balls of yarn in University of Michigan colors - but I was focused on finishing his cloggies so thats as far as it went. But now the cloggies are done and he wants his scarfy! AND its starting to get cold up at AA! My yarn is Plymouth Encore - cheap and washable!

Option 1. Harry potter style done on circulars - single stranded
Option 2. Lengthwise stripes - done double stranded - done on circulars, but not tubular like option 1.

What do you all think? I think Option 1 will be slower to finish -but am wondering - could I do THAT double stranded?

What do you all think??

well i wouldn’t do 1 double stranded because you are already making it double thick by doing it in the round.

my vote would be for 1. lengthwise always feels never ending to me because of the shear number of stitches on the needle. i can knit a scarf in the round MUCH faster than i can do stockinette flat!

I agree–I’d do Option 1.

With Option 2, you’re either going to have to cut the yarn for every stripe or carry it along the short end, which will create a front and back.

not that you are still looking for opinions but i agree with the comments already given, plus i think it will make for a more stylish scarf! cute puppy by the way!

Ok - Option 1 it is - single stranded! It will be perfect to work on this weekend at swim meet (totally mindless, gotta love it). After trying to count cloggies rows at swim meet this will be a welcome break!

Thanks - that is my silly puppy Cooper. Although he isn’t a pup any more - he is almost 5 - but no grey at all.

Kat, not to hijack your post, but how do you make a scarf on circulars? Do you knit a tube then sew up the ends?

well I, of course, am not kitkat but I close the ends by fringing.

You could also do the Figure 8 cast-on, which is used for knitting toe-up socks, and then bind-off with kitchener.

Or do 3-needle bind-off on both ends.

Oh geez I hadnt thought of that! Is figure 8 cast on hard to do?







I haven’t done it. But I think Brenda’s answer was a resounding “yes!”

I like the Turkish cast on. Super easy and used for the same applications as figure 8. (Link goes to magic loop version, but there is a link within the tutorial for a 2 circ version.)

Instead of using a provisional cast on, you could also do double knitting. (Amy has a video.)