Which One!?

Okay, I haven’t been on here for a while, but I do have an excuse! I have been really, really busy doing stuff for a student competition. Singing, art, KNITTING. cloud9 Stuff like that. I knitted the Hey Teach! Cardigan from Knitty and got a silver medal! Yayy! :happydance:
Anyway, I am planning my project for next year and am stuck on what to do. Should I knit a shawl, the Aeolian Shawl to be exact. Or the Abotanicity sweater. Both from Knitty. I’d like to do the Shawl but I don’t know if it would take too long. I don’t doubt I could do it…eventually. Has anyone else done these projects and how long did it take you to do it. Also are there any yarn suggestions for the shawl? I was leaning towards Malabrigo Lace until I realised two shanks was just too little for the shawl so I’d have to buy a third one just to make up a few metres…I was also thinking about using Lane Borgosesia Cashwool, depending on the quality. Any suggestions or comments about the wool I was thinking of using? I love the jumper but I could also do that another time. I was thinking that knitting something, like the shawl, for my grannie would be nice. Which do you guys think is more impressive and would score more points with the judges? I mean you gotta love a student competition where you can do knitting! :knitting:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and comments!

Teru :heart: :hug:

Everyone has different amounts of time to knit - some only an hour or two a day, 4 hours a week, and some even less or more time to spend. You could be really daring and do both and switch off between them. Sometimes you get bogged down on a project and need to have something else to do. You should easily be able to get both done by next year.

Yeah, the thing is I usually only have about half an hour to an hour of time left in the evening and thats if I don’t have much homework. Plus I only really need to do one for the competition, however much I would like to do both at the same time! It would probably be better for me to do one and get it done in good time. One girl was doing her cross stitch up until the day we left!

I would pick whichever one excites you the most. But either one would probably be good. :slight_smile:

Both are lovely projects, so I can understand your indecision. I know the problem of having no time to knit. I went years between projects when I was working simply because I couldn’t find the time or energy to knit. But, now that the kids are grown and I’m at home, I’ve gotten so much done.

If I were you I would choose the one that promises to challenge me the most, because it will keep me coming back to it.

You’re doing a lot kiddo. You need the knitting for that few minutes of “me” time each day.

Thanks for the comments! I think I have decided to do the shawl as we’re a bit strapped for money at the moment and you don’t need as much wool for a shawl as you do for a jumper. At least that’s what I think… Also, it seems like it would be a bit more challenging, no wait, alot more challenging. I also love knitting lace which is why both are lace but the shawl is ALL lace! :inlove: I also think my grandma will be very happy to have a handknitted shawl. I’ll knit the jumper some other time when I have a job and have some money maybe! :teehee: I was just wondering if anyone could actually tell me about the Lane Borgosesia Cashwool. Is it nice and soft and would it be suitable for this pattern? I looked on Ravelry and it looked like a few people have used it for the Aeolian Shawl so I think it should be alright. Wish me luck on my knitting endeavour! :thumbsup: