Which needles for a blanket?

I just started a small lap blanket and this is the first time I’ve done a blanket. Right away I am noticing that there are too many stitches on my needle and they are all scrunched up too much. It’s making it difficult.
Question: Which kind of needles should be used for a blanket type project? I don’t see how I could do this with a circular needle since it is just row after row after row.

My needles are 13 inches long. Sure could use some advice.

I use circular needles every time I knit a blanket. You don’t go round and round. You knit back and forth to do flat knitting. When you are knitting and you reach the end of the row, you switch the needles between your hands.

Circular needles are perfect when you have a whole lot of stitches in a row.



For some reason my little brain can’t see how you can keep from going round and round unless you have 2 pairs of circulars. I wish there was a video.
Thanks, Pauline

It is hard to imagine it, just like with anything new you learn!!!

Watch this video

And this one. In the 2nd one, the guy casts on about 100 sts, but he still shows how to watch and make sure u don’t end up with a tube.

Let me know what u think!!!


I started with Crochet and remember blanket Afghan or Tunisian hooks that had an attached cable with a flat disk “stopper” at the end the keep your sts from falling off.

If they do not make similar Knitting needles for Large (blanket) projects, then interchangeable circular needles could be your answer.

Just what I needed! Thanks, everybody. :slight_smile:

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Just remember when knitting flat the working yarn is coming from the left needle just like it does with you’re knitting with straight needles.

When working in the round the working yarn is coming from the right needle. You can see that you are taking the stitches on the right and connecting them that way.

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Got it! I couldn’t knit with the working yarn on the left anyway. :slight_smile:

Hi Ms Jan C: I’m hoping you can help me or know someone who can.

I read where you stated u have a set of the Denise Interchangeable knitting needles but don’t use them. If that is the case I’m hoping you’d be willing to send them to me. I had a set but someone don’t know who took them. I used them for my physical therapy to keep my hands and fingers. I’ll wait to hear from you.

circular needles are often used to knit flat, in fact I use them almost exclusively. If you don’t join your work in the round, there won’t be any rounds, you simply flip it back and forth as if working with straights. there is a tutorial here- https://tutorials.knitpicks.com/knitting-flat/

I love the idea of knitting flat with circular needles! I wouldn’t worry so much about stitches dropping off the ends. Thanks.

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The nice things ng about circular needles is they come in different sizes. When I was knitting the border on a sweater I had over 400 stitches!!! I used 3.25 mm x 80 cm long needles… Once I picked up all the stitches for the border, I realized why I needed the 80 cm long circular needles!!! :sweat_smile: