Which Needles do you like

Just curious. I like Options, Addis, and Silverado by Susan Bates
P.S.- the choices include the interchangeable sets

i think i can guess where this one is going to go…

I love the addis, but like the make of the KP options better. esp for doing ML socks, with the addis the join from the cable to the needle isn’t as smooth as it is with the kp and the addi needle is tapered but the kp are just straight, I’m talking about the little sizes, like 1 and 2.

Me, too. The Addis are great, and I like using them, but I really prefer the Options

I own only 3 sizes of Lantern Moon 24" circs [for starters] and I love them. :heart: May get more later.
Like many other knitters, I use the needle type that best suits the yarn and project. I ONLY USE CIRCS for knitting, and sometimes dp’s when called for. My straights are in my Hall Of Fame, displayed on my yarn trunk, gently sequestered in two fine needle cases. (sentimental)
I wish that OPTIONS had been around before I invested so much :help: in all the ADDIS in all sizes and lengths. Sigh. Such is life.
Depending on the project, I sometimes catch myself wanting to push my stitches off the end of the needle, which results in a sore fingertip when using OPTIONS pointier tips…I will then transefer the next row onto ADDIS which has rounder tips.
I did purchase the DENISE set of interchangeables, and still do use them as back-ups. They are useful for reserving stitches for later 3-needle bindoff…and other things where a spare set of tips is useful, but have given up actually knitting with DENSISE because of the fatness of the cable. It tends to slow up the knitting process.

I will say this: my favorite ‘metal’ needle is OPTIONS and my favorite ‘wood’ needle is LANTERN MOON. But what a HUGE difference in price!

My advice to new knitters: invest in the full set of OPTIONS. 99.99% of the time OPTIONS will ‘fill the bill’…for a great price! KnitPicks has great customer service. I have had one quality issue which they resolved quickly and with no inconvenience to me. Kudos to KnitPicks.com!

I love Addis. However, I find that the Susan Bates Silverado work just as well…flexible cords…nice smooth needles although not quite as smooth as Addis. I also like Inox Express which are identicle to Susan Bates Silverado…both brands are made in Mexico and have the sizes imprinted on the needle shaft near the cord connection.

Another thing I really like about the Susan Bates Silverado is that you can order them from JOANN and get a discount with coupons and don’t have the hassle of ordering from Jeff Wonderland…shipping is faster.

When I started knitting years ago - the only needles were metal ones. When the Quick silver needles came out I was in heaven.

Then about 5 or 6 years ago I discovered wooden needles - Clover bamboo or the Lantern Moon needles and I have not looked back. They are so much lighter and easier to work with. I have a set of Boyes that I got with a 40% off coupon at Michaels but I never use them unless all the stores are closed and I need a needle I don’t already have.

Just my 2 cents!