Which Needle Set

I’m making my Christmas list, and am trying to decide whether to get the Options or Denise. I’ve used both plastic and aluminum straights, I didn’t really have a preference, but I have issues with strength when it comes to turning things, which is why I’m hesitant about the Options. I honestly don’t know however, even after reading all the posts on this fourm and what I can get off of Google. I apoligize for the length and rambiling nature of this post, and I appreciate your help. Thanks:p

The thing is, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

My preference would be the Options–of course, I have them (and the Harmonies) and use them regularly, so of course, I love them.

You may still prefer the Denise. I’ve never used Denise, but I have used some plastic needles and was horrified to find that the Denise were plastic—but I’m assuming they’re better quality than what I’ve used, because everyone seems to love them.

So, in the end, it still comes down to what you like. Do you know anybody who has them and would let you knit a few stitches with them? I knitted a few stitches on a friend’s project (!) with her Options and it was instant love. If you could try them both, that might help.

Denise needles technically aren’t plastic, they are resin. However, they do still feel plastic-like.

I have both Denise and Options and I was never really happy with the Denise needles. The cord is fat and I felt like some yarns kind of stuck on it. Plus the shortest cable was 17 in which I didn’t like for hats. THAT being said… some people love them. I absolutely love my Options and that’s all I use now.

The truth is you have to find out for yourself. Everyone will offer you a different opinion, but they aren’t you. I suggest you order a set of needle tips and cables and find out that way if you like them. You can’t do that with the Denise, but if you don’t like Options you’ll have a better idea which way to go.

Like Jan I have both the Denise set and the Options. I like them both for several reasons:

Options: Like Jan said, the cable on the Options is much thinner and doesn’t snag as much in your work. Also makes magic loop knitting easier. I have the wooden Harmony set and they are nice and slick but not too slippery. The options set goes down to a size 3 needle but only up to an 11. You can add tips and cables to your set and that is a nice option as well. That said, the needle tips and cables (I don’t know about the metal tips) will fall apart from time to time but if you are willing to deal with that, KP Customer service will replace them. If you aren’t careful and use the metal tool for tightening, I have found that the option tips will unscrew while you are knitting. I have also had tips that appear to be stripped and will not tighten no matter what. Again, they can be replaced with a call to KP. You can crazy glue metal ends to tips with good results.

Denise: You can add a plastic connector to your cables and make your own longer cables if you need to. However, that adds another potential snag spot. I’ve magic looped with Denise cables but the fat cables and the connectors make it more of a challenge. Denise needle sizes range from a 4 up to a 15 needle. As for the plastic (sorry, resin,) they are very lightweight and feel nice and soft in my hand. I have rarely had a cable come apart from a tip while working because the tips and cables snap together.

I purchased my Denise set first because I was able to do so from my LYS and not have to wait for shipping but I put them away for a long time when I broke down and bought the Options. I hadn’t used my Denise set for a long time and then, after a long knitting hiatus, took out my Options to start working on something and the tips I wanted to use came apart. So I turned to my Denise set while waiting for replacements to my options set. Just so you know, I haven’t had to call Denise Customer Service ever.

Really, I think you won’t go wrong with either set.

I had always knit on resin and aluminum circulars. I had no experience with wood. I bought the Harmony interchangeables and haven’t looked back. I love them. They have sharper tips than either resin or aluminum. They are very light and the cables are very flexible. I love not having to fight the cable curl when knitting. I also bought the Options dpn sock set. The nickle plated needles are much heavier and I do find the shinyness a little difficult as I knit under an overhead light. They are even pointier than the wood and I really like that. I haven’t had any issues with failures or tips coming unscrewed and I am using them constantly.

I have never used the Denise but I love the KP options. I have the nickle set. The cable is wonderfully flexible! I have been contemplating getting a second set of the options in case I have more than one project that uses the same size needle. :mrgreen:


I just ordered extra needles of the sizes I use most. And of course extra cables. I guess now that I think about it the whole set might have been cheaper, but I did it a little at a time. :teehee:

i purchased the deniese and hated everything aobut them, but then again i LOVE addi tubos so i guess it makes sense that i would hat ethe plastic. i eneded up selling them to a fellow knitter who loves plastic and wood and she LOVES them, uses them all the time.
i have just been picking up an addi here and there as i need em.
now im waiting and have my moeny set aside for the addi click im so excited to see if they live up to the addi name

Just wanted to say that I received the Denise set last Christmas from my Husband, and have not used my straight needles since, except for double pointed which I love. My set has round cords and my shortest cord is 5", very nice because I can attach it to other cords to get closer to the size I need. But its true, it all depends on the knitter. try to get your hands on some and see how the feel. Good luck:thumbsup:

I have the Harmony set from Knit Picks and while they are very pretty and very slippery when using I still prefer my Denise set.