Which length of DPN to use and why?

Hello, I have seen DPNs sold in lengths of 5", 7", 8", and 12". What, when and why are the 12" length DPNs used typically? Is the final product normally a handbag, totebag, something along those lines (when using 12" length DPNs) and thank you. :?? (I believe I posted this in the wrong place, previously, I apologize - I am still trying to get the hang of this communication mode). :??

well i am not much of a DPN user but if i am using them i prefer the 7-8 inch varieties. small ones are just too small for me to be happy and the long ones are a little too hard to control for me.

I am mostly a circular needle user for both small stuff and big stuff.

The really long ones are used for knitting a sweater. They had to use something before circulars were invented…


The smaller ones are great for thinner sock yarn. I find the longer dpns a hassle when sock-making.

However, the longer ones are probably handy for picking up stitches when making larger items like purses.

When knitting large diameter without circulars, as many people dislike circs and prefer DPNs, long DPNs would work. So for anything large, they might be considered: bags would be a good example. I imagine they would also be used for necklines/ribbing on jumpers.
However, they’re not strictly necessary: you could knit a large bag or neckline with, say, 10 of the smaller DPNs (if you wanted to).
The long DPNs might be more practical in some cases if you didn’t want to buy multiple lengths of circulars, or found them difficult to obtain.
However, I don’t recall ever seeing a pattern that called for those long DPNs. Knitter’s Choice!