Which is the easiest pattern to knit?

I am a women but i don’t know much about knitting. Most of my lady staff are into knitting and i am the only one who doesn’t know much about it. I only know the basic crocheting tips that i have learned during my childhood days. I want to learn about different patterns and the way to knit. If you have any idea about it, share it with me and help me.

Then there’s the joy of meeting other knitters – or even those who haven’t picked up the craft yet. Knitting in public is often a conversation starter. Some people are fascinated by the fact that I can knit without looking at the work, and they just have to ask about it. Others can’t wait to tell me about the amazing things their grandparents knit for them many years ago. In this way, knitting brings a little bit of connection.

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Can you be more specific as to Patterns you are wanting to learn? If it is wanting to learn knit stitches you might try reading basic knitting magazine which shows how to cast on, make a knit stitch or purl stitch. To me those are the basics when first starting. Now a days all you need is you tube and you can watch someone show you these techniques.

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In addition to the above comments, I can recommend a book by Sally Melville called “The Knit Stitch.” It contains patterns for all sorts of projects using only the knit stitch.
There are knitting lessons and loads of videos online. If you have a local yarn store, the staff usually holds beginner classes.
Have fun learning! It’s a great craft.

Pot stands, wash cloths or dish clothes are good starter projects for a total beginner. They can be plain knit and still look lovely and you can progress to a motif in the middle to add a bit of interest and another skill. I would suggest buying yarn that is cotton for these.
Scarfs are great too.

Do you have needles yet?

I only learnt to knit a couple of years ago. One of the first things I made was hats and mitts. Have a look at ‘Sheep & Stitch’ she has a website and her videos are so easy to follow. It feels like she is talking to a friend and she explains everything so well. I’ve made her fingerless mitts so many times now I’ve lost count.
Here’s the link https://sheepandstitch.com/

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