Which heel would you choose?

Hi all you sock knitters!

I’m just about done with my first pair of socks, and am starting to plan my second set from one of the (many) other colors of sock yarn I’ve picked up since getting hooked on socks.

I’ve done the heel flap, but want to try short rows. Are the two interchangeable with little or no calculating? Could I just substitute one for the other?

I do. :shrug: I just try to kit about an inch of stockinette (no pattern) on the heel stitches before I start the heel. I’ve heard it feels better on the back of your heel than having a pattern.

here is a link to some socks i made with short row heel instead of a flap.

Heels are up to you, really. If I don’t like the heel a pattern calls for, I just knit the one I want! The only problem I have with short-row heels is that there are holes. They take practice, but they look really good. They do look and feel more like store-bought socks.

My last pair of socks called for the forethought heel, which is explained in the Sensational Knitted Socks book. It was a little hard at first, but once I understood the directions, it went fine. It looks nice too.

I love those socks. That’s one of the patterns I am going to try. So let me get this straight, on the needle you’ve divided for the heel stitches(needle 1), you go across that needle in stockinette, then needles 2 and 3 are knit in pattern? You do this for an inch, then turn the heel? Is that right or am I all screwy? :doh:

I mostly use my own sock pattern, and it has short row heels, but all the ones I make from patterns have them, too, and I think they are interchangeable.

umm… yes. Whichever stitches you plan to do the heel on (1/2 of total) you want to knit plain stockinette while you work the rest in pattern.

For the monkey socks, I did a whole extra repeat of pattern stitches while I worked stockinette before the heel.

Then you do your heel. Then you pick back up where you left off. stockinette for the bottom of the foot, pattern stitches for the top.