Which do you think is most popular?

I’ve noticed a lot of patterns that seem to be very popular on this forum, so I thought it might be fun to see which one is most popular :teehee: .

Please forgive me if i’ve excluded the pattern that you think is most popular, i’ve only added in the poll the patterns that i can think of off the top of my head.

Well, the only one of those that I’ve completed is the scrunchable scarf. I have about a foot done of my so called scarf. I think most people have done the scrunchable scarf cause of how easy it is. It’s a good next step after simple garter stitch and normal rib scarves.

the only one i’ve made is the Anthropolgie-Inspired Capelet, but I think Fetching is the most popular.

You might try doing a search for these things on Flickr. I think Clapotis was a super super popular pattern.

I voted for Calorimetry, mostly because it’s so easy and fast.

Me too! I just finished my first one tonight – everything except for the button. I LOVE it! Kids are giving me the raised eyebrow (especially when I put it on my 12yo DS. :teehee:)

I love the Irish Hiking Scarf, though. Maybe one day after I finish knitting up this yarn that “magically” appeared over the last couple of months. :wink:

How about Clapotis? Haven’t a lot of people made one of those? Or two, or three, or…?


I love the so called scarf pattern :slight_smile:

I like the Irish Hiking scarf because it’s a great into to cabeling and it’s so pretty :heart:

sorry :oops: . i think its too late to add it.

It’s funny to think how many of these I’ve made! I’ve done the Scruchable Scarf, Irish Hiking Scarf, Calorimetry, and Anthropologie-inspired capelet!

Though I haven’t made any, I’d say the Clogs.


The funny thing is i havent completed any of these. :teehee:

I’m working on the Irish Hiking Scarf, though, and i think i might make fetching of calorimetry afterwards.