Which do you prefer?

Hello again,

I have a picture below of both the homespun scarves that I’ve done for Christmas presents. I’m just not sure which would be better for a male friend. I’m thinking the blue is more masculine, but I think my DH is leaning toward the ‘earthy’ colored scarf. I’m curious to know what other KH’s think. They are both pretty similar, soft, warm and lovely. The blue one is longer since I cast on more stiches. Thanks.


Personally I can picture them both on men and they look just fine. Beautiful color choices!

Both are great color. My DH liked the earthy one, but then said he didn’t care about the color, just about being warm :rollseyes: I have to tell you that is the biggest load of manure :rofling: He wears a lot of earth tones and I think that’s why he zeroed in on the earthy scarf. What colors do the guys wear alot? That might help you make up your mind on which to give.

I agree they both are nice colors for a man.

Thanks guys, I feel no closer. I was prefering the blue since our friend seems to wear it a lot, but the earthy tone has the subtle stripes, which he also wears a lot (basically blue stripes :rofling: ). This is third ‘thing’ I’ve started for him (actually fourth, if you count both the scarves) and I cannot figure out why he’s proving so difficult - he’s not a difficult feller. Perhaps it was because he was our best man earlier this year, and was a terrific support and friend for both of us, then and now, I really don’t want to give him something he would hate.

I agree…both colors would be very nice for a man. Great scarves!!

[color=darkblue]My husband said the “earthy” one and that is what I think too,

Well, he certainly wont HATE either of them! They are both REALLY nice!

I think both colors are great for a man.

Well leave it to me to be the oddball!!! In my case, I’d say the blue one. My DHs fave colour is blue {and mine too!}, so he’d choose that one. Hmmm… that means if I made those two scarves for a male friend, I’d have to give him the earthtone one since there’s no way DH would allow the blue one out of the house!!! :roflhard:

Honestly though… In my circle of male friends, I’d either go with blue or a dark grey/charcoal/black one.

Why don’t you present them both and let him pick?

There you go! :thumbsup:

I think this best way to judge is what kind of a person he is. Is he more of blue? Would it match more of his clothes? Or is he more earthy?

another thought, what color is his winter coat? you might want to choose the scarf based upon what one will look the best with his coat?

just a thought

i like both!


I’m a guy and I prefer earthy over blue :XX:

My dh says earthy–and so do I :smiley:

Earthy one, it goes with more stuff than the blue :slight_smile:

I love them both but earthy is what i know my dh would choose… :smiley:

I can see the earthy one on a guy. I guess it’s because blue is more of a color and the tan is more neutural. :thinking: Men like things that don’t stand out, I think. At least my man feels that way! :lol:

Thanks everyone for your input. It looks like the earthy is the winner, I’m sure the blue will find a home one day…

vcuchica, his coat is black (leather) so that doesn’t help much. I’m just glad that I have his gift sorted out now. Thanks everyone, your input is really appreciated.