Which cotton to use?


Ok, I know this question has been asked before, but I decided to make dishcloths for some relative’s for Christmas, and I was wondering what cotton yarn to use?

I was thinking Sugar or Peaches’n Cream, but I have heard that sometimes the colors of the yarn bleeds. Is this true? Or would Lion Cotton or Cotton-ease be better choices? I want to use a yarn that won’t bleed and won’t look like crap after a couple washings.:teehee:


Actually, my best success has come from… using cotton crochet thread, size 10 or so.

Knit on size 3 needles. And make it bigger than you think you should - this stuff does shrink after the first use or so. Then it’s really stable and produces a just-the-right-roughness surface that is wonderful to use.

And they wear like iron… until you use it with something sharp.


PS - The cotton yarns seem too big and get too slippery-gloppy [I know, technical terms alert.] after a few uses. But so far, the ones I’ve made seem to be color-fast.


hmm I never thought about using crochet thread. I will take it into consideration though. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I usually use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton because that’s what’s sold most frequently here. I did just buy a Peaches n’ Cream, but I haven’t used it yet. I like the Bernat, though. It’s tough, and the colours don’t bleed. Your dishcloth will fade though, since it’s washed and used for washing all the time.


I’ve used both and either one would be fine. I made a summer top in one of the variegated dark colors and it didn’t bleed, but faded a little. That was okay as it was just a bit too bright when new.


I used the Lionbrand Cotton for a long time, was very happy with it and then came across several others… I wanted a little variety and sampled one made from both TLC Cotton Plus and Red Heart Casual Cotton. TLC Cotton Plus is a blend of 51% cotton and 49% acrylic, giving it the stability in color of acrylic(less bleeding and shrinkage) and the absorbancy of cotton. It is a medium weight and works better on size 8 needles or smaller. Love the texture and it works great for dish cloths and wash cloths.

The Red Heart Casual Cotton is a blend of 29% cotton, 10% polyester and 61% acrylic. It is a rougher, bulky weight with a decent amount of absorbancy, dries faster and keeps the cloth from souring, has great colors and variagation and the cotton keeps it soft. You can use larger needles which also means fewer stitches/rows and less time.

Nothing beats 100% cotton for absorbancy but these two are great alternatives. :mrgreen: Hope this helps! Mary


I just made one out of Reynolds Saucy Yarn, it is 100% cotton and comes in a lot of colors. It is washable, of course, and you just dry it flat. I haven’t tried to put it in the dryer, lol!:doh: I have a feeling it will shrink, but it does knit up really nice!
I’m making a set for my dd in law and I’m just going to tell her to hang them up to dry!:thumbsup::eyes:


I used some Sugar & Cream to make washclothes for my kids, and it fades horribly. They looked old after like 2 washings. I think I may switch to Lion Cotton and try that next.


FYI, Bernat, Sugar & Cream, Patons, Lily… are all made in the same factory.

Kind of like at my husband’s old job that would package brand name cream cheese at the same time as they packed no name cream cheese. From the same batch, just down two different packaging machines.

I’d often buy Lily or Sugar and Cream yarn seconds and realize that Bernat had a simlar version… just dyed differently because there would be cones of it in the seconds bin too. I just liked the Lily colours better.

Naturally, I do not work for the company and I’m sure this wouldn’t be okay for me to say if I did. And I only mention the Cream Cheese because the hubby doesn’t work there any more…


I am glad to hear this about the cotton, and the tip to make it bigger. I bought some crochet cotton for bath mitts and was wondering if I did the right thing. This was the heaviest weight cotton I could buy locally.

I have a question, if you don’t mind. The ball band gives a needle range of 3.5-5.5 (which is 4-9 US). I was going to use 3.5mm (size 4) dpns for the bath mitt and 4mm (size 6) for the washcloths. Do you think that will be okay? Thanks.


I’ve used both LB and Sugar n Cream, although not for wash cloths. I didn’t have any problems with color bleeding, and the LB seemed to be the softer of the 2. Sugarn N Cream was kind of stiff.

I think the needle sizes you chose for your bath mitt and washcloths should be fine. Good luck!


Thank you! I did get “ecru” so I wouldn’t have to worry about the colors bleeding. This yarn brand is unknown to me and I had no idea what it would do, colorwise.


Hi, Anna,

Just re-found this post. I’d forgotten where it was! {Duh}

If you use large cotton yarn, then I’d suggest using larger-sized needles.

One thing to keep in mind: if you’re going to use the yarn/thread in a dishcloth or even washcloth… remember that these things ought to be washed and dried hot for germ-killing reasons. Another argument for making the thing larger than usual.

I prefer smaller [crochet] thread and smaller needles because then when you go to scrub something, your finger doesn’t pop between the stitches and you wind up scrubbing with your fingernail.

I’ve seen a number of dishcloths sold that were knitted with larger cotton yarn and larger needles - seems to be a quick ‘n’ easy fundraiser sales items.



Ditto. Made red and white hotpads with the Sugar & Cream. Now the hotpads are faded red and pinkish. I’m going to keep searching until I find a cotton that does not bleed. There has to be one.