Which catalogs should I be getting?

I’ll worry about magazines later; for now this new knitter needs to build up her stash so she has something to enter into Ravelry when she finally gets invited somewhere around 2011.

I signed up for Knit Picks’ catalog today, when I was Kaboodling those awesome Options needles so maybe I can get them for Christmas… What other websites should I visit to sign up for some luscious catalog shopping? Thanks for all advice! :cool:

Sign up for “Patternworks”. There’s is good too.



Yep, definitely Patternworks. I also get Knitpicks.

Besides Patternworks and KnitPicks:

Woodland Woolworks – great catalogue in .pdf format. Interesting yarns and good of advice

RamWools – hard-to-find yarns, unusual accessories

Lion Brand – nice “magalogue,” lower-priced yarns and lots of design ideas

Done! Thank you! Any more?

For on-line catalogs I like elann.com

Mary Maxim is nice to browse through.


webs (yarn.com) but usually they make you buy something there before they send you one?

Thanks Cindy for asking this wonderful question. I myself, now have requested cat. from all these places. I was unaware of some of them. So, thanks all for the great info!! :slight_smile: