Which cast on do you prefer? poll

Which cast on do you prefer, why, and for what type of articles?
I tend to use the longtail and the cabled cast on most, especially for socks and sweater edges.

I use long tail because it’s the only one I know how to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the long-tail cast on most often. It works great for most applications. However, I do like dabbling in other cast on methods. And thanks to this board, I’ve tried several new that I like - each for a pretty specific application. Longtail is a great, all-around cast on.

I use the long tail CO for nearly everything. It’s fast and looks fine to me.

I use long tail…also because it is the only one that I know how to do!

I use the long tail unless the pattern clearly and for some reason states another cast-on method. It’s easy, fast and looks great to me.

I have learned many ways to cast on but the long tailed cast on is the one that I perfer. I find that it goes faster for me.

Longtail is the one I can do without referring to a book or website.

The long tail method is my all around, go-to method because it’s fast, easy and presentable. That said, my knitting philosophy is based around using the best (ie most professional-looking) method for each project. For example, I love pieces that start with ribbing so that I can use the Italian Tubular Cast On. It’s a beautiful method, and definitely my [B]favorite[/B], despite not being particularly versatile.

Same here :slight_smile:

I generally use long tail, but for a provisional cast on I like the crocheted provisional cast on.

About cast offs; I don’t care for the look of the usual cast off for ribbing, so I think it is worth the effort to do a tubular cast off, plus it seems sort of magical. Long tailed cast on looks OK for ribbing, but the cast off looks worse than the cast on.

I use the longtail cast on, 'cause that’s the only one I’ve ever tried.

It depends on the project. Mostly if not specified I do the long tail. It’s a good all around cast on.

Long tail CO. It’s the fastest and the easiest.

I love using the Long Tailed Cast On. I know the normal one with two needles which is fine but takes too long to finish. I’m much faster with LT. My ds and dh caught on very quickly with that method as well. I just wish there was a better way to measure how much yarn is needed for the cast on - I’ve watched Amy’s video on wrapping the yarn around the needle but I still end up a couple of feet.


I prefer the long-tail cast-on because I think it looks better and is easier for me.


i use a VERSION of long tail (2 color, or norwegian, or open and close) most often, but i can’t say i prefer it.

i use which ever cast on is best suited to needs.

for hats, or neck edges of top down sweaters, i want a pretty cast on (italian (aka kitchener) or a picot and hem, or even a channel island
for socks, a stretchy one…

for gloves or mittens, a durable one…

( i don’t know every cast on–just 40 or so!)

I prefer long tail cast on for most projects, because it looks good.

I usually use the longtail cast on or a type of longtail.

I like the German cast best. Its very similar to the longtail, but it has more spring to it. Perfect for socks.

I enjoyed the continental cast on I learned from Knitting Ganseys. It has little bobbles on the cast on edge. Its cute.

I get in a very theraputic trance when doing a möbius cast on.

I just learned the German cast-on too. I like the looks of it. And it’s not that different from the long tail cast-on.