Which Bind Off is the stretchiest?

After making my mitts yesterday I realized that the bind off edge is REALLY tight and not stretchy at all (I bound off in pattern (k2, p2) with needles 2 sizes larger than what I was knitting with). Maybe I’m still binding off too tightly, I’m not sure.

I’m going to start a pair of mitts and matching cowl for my mom today and I’d like them to turn out a little nicer than the ones I made for myself ;o)

Thanks in advance!!!

Here’s a bindoff for k2, p2 rib that is stretchy without deforming the edge. Assuming you are starting the bindoff with two knits …

K1, return stitch to left needle, k2tog,*( p1, pass stitch over) x2, (return stitch to left needle, k2tog) x2; repeat from *

A friend did this bind off on some socks recently and I was amazed at how stretchy it is! The best I’ve seen yet.

I second Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off! Love it!

I just started using the p2tog/k2tog, move st to left needle and repeat bindoff. It’s pretty stretchy.

I’m really glad to see the post about Judy’s Magic Cast-On, too.:muah: These are really gonna help me along.
:hug: Verna

Here’s a video of this bind off love this bind off!!!

this topic is so timely, I can’t believe it. Tonight I’ll be binding off a pair of toe up socks and was going to spend a little time searching for loose bind offs today before I start them. You guys have done my work for me already!

Don’t ya just love this forum?? :grphug:

Indeed I do! :o)

Is this stretchy bind off suitable for hems? Or just for socks and mittens? Would it be too stretchy to use when turning up hems and sewing this bind off to inside of hem?