Where's the pattern?

I found a great scarf but apparently forgot to boomark it and now I can’t find it again. The thing I liked about it is that the ends flared out very wide and there are leaf shaped holes in it. It was really interesting.

Has anyone seen a pattern for a scarf like this??

Did you see the pattern online? If so, maybe you can remember a phrase or several words that will help you do a google search for it. Like you could search for:
leaf scarf pattern flare knit “wear it anywhere”

the more words or expressions you can remember, the more likely you are to find it.


I only remember that it mentioned something about using a contrasting color to make holes stand out, but I haven’t been able to get anywhere with Google, yet. I’m still searching, though.

I’ll be looking through all of faerycrafty’s scarf patterns soon. If I come across one like that, I’ll let you know!


Here is a nice scarf that looks like it would be fun to make.

Guess I need to learn how to do charts or just write it out in text form.

Btw, I LOVE this magazine. Always some fun projects in it.


That scarf looks cute, but I bet you’d have a heck of a time keeping it from rolling into a tube. It’s mostly stockinette stitch. Not a good stitch for scarves, unfortunately (pretty as it is!)!



Nah, it wont roll. The side stitches are slipped as if to purl. See my post about stockinette not rolling on the swatch I did.


It will too curl. See my response to your other post! :wink:

:slight_smile: Amy

Kathy was it a free pattern ?

The only free one like that I can think of is the lasagne scarf but there are no leaves …