Where's that make your own chart site?

I swore I had answered someones post(So I could find it when I needed it.) about making your own knitting design chart. But i’ve gone through all my old posts and can’t find it.
Does any one remember and/or know of this site?


This one?

:?? I don’t know 'cuz i never used it :smiley: but i’m gonna try it.
Will I be able to make a chart of my name?
(I’ve also got a question in the how to if ya can help Ingrid)

This one is more for transferring a picture onto the grid. I don’t think you can design a chart right on there.

I got you on the other question. :wink:

Somewhere I have a site that you can make graph paper with different gauges that you can put over a picture. I’ll try to find it and post it.

:cheering: You’re so awesome Ingrid! :notworthy: ,
I just checked and you’ve already answered my how to ? before you answered this one.
I had a feeling it was gonna be you who answered. (and this is’nt the 1st and 2nd time either you’ve answered several of my ?'s before)
Thanks Alot!

See! There you go again always one step ahead and always sooo helpful :angelgrin:


Found it!!

One thing that’s been suggested with this, and I haven’t gotten around to it yet, is to make a grid the size you want and have it transferred to a transparency so you can put it over whatever picture you want. I fantastic idea–one I wall definitely try in the future.

T A!


allright Ingrid,
I used the chart and am ready to chart out my name.
Is there such a thing as tranparent printable paper?

I use transparent printable papers all the time at work… use them showing things at the overhead-projector (do you call it the same in english :?? )

yup just go to an office depot or whatever and search in the printer paper section for transparency papers.

Or you can do it on paper and take it to someplace like Staples and ask them to copy it onto a transparency.