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I have started to crochet a dinosaur for my brother I have very nearly finished but I’m confused on where to start/continue from, as the project has asked me mark off the 15th and the 28th stitch from beginning but I am only to do the back of the dinosaur and looking further down I should have 21 stitches left in the back after doing the first needed row yet I would have to continue past the markers for me to stop at, I am questioning if I should start from the a marker point so I don’t end up working on the front? I’ll add photos below of what I have been told to do, as well as a photo showing where my rows start (where the red circle is) the two Bobby pins at the front are my marker for the 15th and the 28th stitch. Any help is welcome and sorry for the long post I was just trying to explain it clearly ahah. image

It looks good so far. Maybe @OffJumpsJack or @GrumpyGramma or @Snowfleas can help.
Just to be clear, you’re going to be working across the back in the direction of the blue arrow below?

It would be the other way but both sides don’t give me enough stitches anyway

OK, I’ll bet the experts can help.

Thank you

I’m not an expert and I suck at even basic arithmetic. I think the markers aren’t starting and stopping points but are to be left in place for later to know where to do something else. If from bor you work past the first and second markers for the specified number of stitches will there be stitches left unworked? If there are, when you turn and work the next row will you be the same number of stitches beyond both markers? The possible problem I see with this is one row more from bor than on the unworked portion. I also suck at explaining what I mean.

What pattern are you using and can you share a link?

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This is the link to what pattern I’m following https://asmihandmade.com/amigurumi-brontosaurus-dinosaur-free-crochet-pattern/
There will be stitches unworked but as well if turn around after the row I won’t reach the markers with the amount of stitches it requests, I’m wondering if I’ve gone wrong somewhere and might need to start again?

Just looking at the numbers, do you have 42sts? The pattern is setting aside 28sts for the body and 14sts for the neck. Can you mark off those 28sts then go on to work the body? The repeats there are worked 7 times total decreasing to 21sts, 14sts then 7sts.

First we need the stitch count at the end of the previous rnd.

Here is the clipping I captured.

R25 : 1 sc in each stitch round [42]

Count and mark the 15th and 28th stitch from the beginning of the round.
We have 14 stitches for the neck and 28 stitches for the back of the dinosaur. We’ll work only on the back now.
Start stuffing the back part now.

R26: *(sc 2, 1 dec); repeat from * 7 times [21] R27: *(s 1c, 1 dec); repeat from * 7 times [14] R28: 7 dec [7] Cut yarn with a long tail to sew. Thread the tail on a tapestry needle and cinch the hole shut. and weave in the end.

R26 [work the blue loop in next image] from start of round (red) work pattern repeates to include sc 13, sc14, then skip neck and continue in pattern with next stitchs (st29 & st 30 dec),(sc2,dec) around through end of round (28 sts used to dec to 21).
Note: You will be pulling st 14 up tight against st 29!

This leaves the 14 stitches, number 15 to 28, unworked as the hole for the neck. The blue loop sts make the hump of the back.

That was a tricky one. I edited your photo, @Darcie, to show the blue as the back and green as the neck.
(42-14 green = 28 blue.) Allow arrows show stitchs 14 and 29 being pulled together to close the back and separate it from the unworked neck.


Thank you everyone for the help I have finished him today and he’s already to be a present for Christmas :slight_smile:


You done great! I really like him. How did you make his long neck stand straight? Your turn to teach something.

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I don’t crotchet so all of this looks really tricky to me, you’ve obviously overcome any tricky bits as the finished creature is fabulous. Your brother will love this I’m sure.

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I actually don’t know how it’s managed to stay standing as I was worried about that as well but decided to trust the pattern, I was surprised when it all stayed standing as it was just a single crochet in each stitch for 20 rows.

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It took a couple goes to be honest ahah but was all worth it in the end.

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Looks grand and not so scary!

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Of course it looks not so scary, @salmonmac

It is a vegie-saurus. Very friendly type. Big and warm cuddly.

Nothing like the many pointed teeth type at all. Right?


So I’m safe! Pffew, that was close.
I wasn’t so sure it was a friendly smile or an “aha, dinner” smile.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: