Where to purchase GGH Mystik online?


I’m thinking of making the Honeymoon cami from Knitty.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find GGH Mystik for sale online ? I’ve only ordered from Knitpicks and they don’t carry it. :fingerwag:

I’d like a website that has a decent selection of colors.





The last site appears to have it on sale.

There may be more–I just googled.

I once bought two bags of the GGH illusion and 1 bag of the GGH mystik before. It is rather pricey yarn though and I only got it because it was a gift from my fiance. He splurged on me when I was going through a rough patch in my life. I know he is the best man in the whole world:teehee: This is the site I bought it from:

I did not use all of my Mystic yarn I am sure:think:How many balls do you need for the cami you want to make? I have the colorway 85 I believe it is according to that website. It is a gorgeous deep plum color

It would make a beautiful cami as it has a nice sheen to it in person, that is if you were interested?! I was going to list the remainder on etsy anyway under destash yarn. Let me know:wink: