Where to place a stitch marker

I am a beginning knitter and I purchased a pattern for a Danish Tie Shawl. I have watched countless YouTube videos and thought I had it all figured out. But I can’t keep track of the YOs that occur in the center. It’s a YO K3 YO. There are also YO at either end, but I can follow those. It’s the center that I’m having a hard time with. Neither the chart nor the written instructions say anything about placing a marker. I thought I could just place a marker YO k3 YO but it’s not coming out correctly. My “eyelets” are not even.
Thanks for any help offered.

You could try placing a marker after the first of the k3 in the center. You would know to yo, k1, sm when you come to it and then k2 yo. It could be that your yo and marker aren’t playing well together and the marker ends up in the wrong place.

Just one idea. There is probably a better way.

Thank you for that. I suspect that I’m not placing the marker correctly, I will continue to play with it.