Where to go......?

I’m planning a road trip down the Old Route 66 to New Mexico and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to go once I hit NM. You know, like what city is cool but inexpensive. Where to stay and what to do and where to go to have fun. I’m trying to convince a friend to come with me but I may be on my own. Is there anyplace in NM that’s safe for a single woman? Thanks for the help in advance.

I have no idea but it sounds so refreshing to get away all alone for a little r&r I am a sahm my boys are 3 and 10 (husband is 30 going on 12) and that is what I need.Make sure to let us know what a good time you have so I can be jealous.

Hey blueeyes,

If and when I go I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and make some posts.

BTW your family sounds great (I wish I had a husband that was 30 going on 12) and I’m glad your mom is OK.

From what I’ve heard, Santa Fe is really cool. Very artsy.

Sorry I’m so slow to post (couldn’t get on the board for a couple of days) Anyway, I live alon Route 66 in NM (east of Albuquerque). Were you interested in small towns or going to Albuq and Santa Fe. Let me know and I’ll try to give you some help.

Hi Nadja,

Here’s an article on Santa Fe that was published in the NY Times. You may have to register to read it but it’s free.

Hope this helps!