Where to get supplies?

Hi, I’m a (very) amateur spinner - just started today, though I’ve been interested for a long time!
I was wondering where you all buy your supplies, and where I could find cheap starting supplies?

What do you find to be helpful for spinning, and what tips can you give to a beginner like me? :slight_smile:

If you’re just looking for a place to get combed top (which is fiber in a rope like formation with all the fibers going in one direction, not to be confused with roving which comes from carded fiber where all the fibers are going in different directions) superwash, regular wool, mohair and the like for really good prices, you could go to The Sheep Shed Studios
Carol has lots of goodies for very good prices. Other places to check out is Paradise Fibers and lot’s of the indy dyers and sellers on etsy.

I was just typing that out and my computer had a jerky moment…

i def second sheep shed studio and paradise fibers
i like spunky eclectic and etsy as well
you may also be able to get fiber locally but you’d have to search around a bit.

i’m a self taught spinner so the only tips in my head are to read and watch videos online…heh

out of the books i read i liked visually teach yourself handspinning and start spinning the most
you can find bunches of vids on youtube.

all of the (working) links in the spinning resources thread were also helpful

Do you have a wheel or a spindle??

I’ve gotten the majority of my supplies (except fiber) from Susan McFarland of susansfibershop.com.

Thanks everyone!
I’m already a member on Etsy, and I’m checking out all of the links that have been posted. I will also check out that spinning resources thread in a few moments. =)

I have a drop-spindle, and I’ve sort of been able to make it work, though my yarn is incredibly ‘bumpy’, if you will lol

Aww heck Vamp,
Every bodies first yarn is always ART yarn anyways. With more practice you’ll get better consistency. Don’t worry hun.:thumbsup:

Lol, “art yarn” is a great description of what I’ve made!

I think next time I’ll order some of the combed top instead of roving. =)