Where to get a crochet needle

Hi everyone. I am new to knitting and crochet. The only thing I can do is really the knit stitch. I thought I would go to get a crochet needle. At what store can I find needles and whatever I need for that too? I heard you can buy a crochet needle size 6 to go with your knitting needles. Will wal-mart have it?

if not walmart then joann’s and hobby lobby will for sure

Yep, walmart has some, may not have all sizes, but there should be something to get you started. Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Hancock Fabrics carry them too.

Check your phone book or on line for Local Yarn Shops (LYS). The Crochet hooks may cost a little more but with the hook comes a lot of support.

[color="#330099"]You never know when you might need to use a size larger or smaller than the pattern recommends so that you can match the gauge of the project.

I started with a variety pack of 8 crochet hooks; one in each size from D/3 (3.25mm) up to size K/10.5 (6.50mm). It is more thrifty to get a multi-pack. My local Walmarts do have multi-size pack as well as the single hook packs. Walmart does seem to be exclusively Boye by Wrights. Michael’s has Boye, Susan Bates, and other brands too.

Good luck with learning both crafts! :thumbsup: [/COLOR]

I bought a set of hooks size E to K at Michael’s on sale for $9.00 last year, they came in a plastic zippered container. I love them! JoAnns, Hobby Lobby also have lots of hooks. Good Luck!

I have no idea where you can get a crochet needle, but you can get a crochet hook (LOL) at any local craft store, or WalMart. If you are a beginer, & working with worsted weight yarn, most likely the yarn will call for an H or I hook. You can probably get a multi pack that includes both of these sizes at a reasonable price.

I am in the opposite position … a crocheter who is teaching herself to knit. For a new crocheter looking for a hook, I would say before going to walmart or joann or michaels to buy a hook, look at enlarged images online of the different types of hook shapes. Some crocheters strongly prefer the Boye shape and others strongly prefer the Susan Bates shape. I think there are not as many who like them both equally. I find that the Bates hooks makes it less likely I will drop a loop and feels more secure to me to pull yarn through multiple loops with the Bates versus the Boye, however I have met crocheters who prefer the other shape and who have similar problems when switching to the Bates style hooks from the Boye. If a new crocheter looks at images of both shapes or else shops at a store that carries both styles (I think walmart only has Boye) you might get a sense of what might be more comfortable for you to use.

Just like choosing wood or metal or blunt or sharp tips for knitting needles, this is personal preference and not something you can decide before you actually use both styles. But after buying one brand, they may find they don’t care for it, then they can try the other.

walmart is the best fins them there…