Where to find size 35 needles??

I have some Deborah Norville Interchangeable needles from sizes 6-19. Now I need to find size 35 tips.

Anyone know where I can find some?? Thanks,

I found this on Amazon, they are 9.89.

(Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3504 Knitting Needles, Size 35, 19mm)
. They are plastic. If you don’t mind fixed circular needles here is another link for knitters pride needles. It has 40" cable 35 size needles

(https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s//ref=mw_dp_a_s?ie=UTF8&k=Knitter's+Pride) they are &20 and change.

Copy and paste what is in the brackets in Amazon search and you will find them.

I hope this helps :blush: