Where to find circ set that includes 12" cord?

Hi! Does anybody know where I can get a set of circular needles, the interchangeable kind of set where the cords can be attached and detached to all the different sizes of needles, that has a 12-inch cord? I can’t find a set with anything shorter than a 16" cord, and I need the 12" for the legs of some long wool pants I’m planning to knit for my toddler and baby. Thanks for any help!!


The Boye Interchangeable set has a 12" cord, but that does not mean that you have a 12" circular needle. You have to take into account the needle tips that you attach to the cords, which in the Boye set are 4" long each so the shortest total circular length in that set is 20" (12" for the cord plus two 4" needle tips). Unfortunately this is not short enough for you to work the legs of pants in the round.

There are 12" circular needles to be had though, just not in interchangeable sets.

I’ve never seen anything that length; I’ve read somewhere that anything shorter than 16" is hard on the hands because it doesn’t allow enough room for the hands to move comfortably.

I’d use a longer circ and the Magic Loop technique in that situation. 2 circs can be used for that situation as well.

i have a 12 inch needle. wanted to find out how it would work and if it would be comfortable. it wasn’t bad but i would be more inclined to use two circs. the tips on the 12 inch needles aren’t quite as long so there isn’t as much to hold on to.

i think the problem with an interchangeable 12 inch circ is that there has to be about an inch or so for the join and that just isn’t enough space to make the bend comfortable.

Shoot. Okay, how do you use 2 circs? (Sorry, I’m a beginner, still.)


go here and check out the videos under small diameter knitting. i promise it really is super easy! plus you look super cool to people who are staring at you knitting because there are so many needles dangling around! :thumbsup:

2 circs and Magic Loop are super easy and you can go down to as small a diameter as you want or need. I get some laddering (looser stitches where the 2 needles come together on each side) with 2 circs, but I don’t get any with Magic Loop.

ya know i used to as well and i think i discovered why when i was making my baby sock (have you seen the picture, it is quite adorable! :teehee: )

i just realized explaining this could be hard…lol. When i am working with circ A i always keep the needle shaft of circ B in the loops of the stitches. i liked the fact that it gave me a little firmer surface to start the row on. after a few stitches i would pull it so that the loops on B were down on the cord instead because it was easier to work with then.

well for some reason when i was making the baby sock i pulled circ B so that the loops were down on the cord right away and i was able to pull the work tighter…no ladders!

(and a really cute baby sock!) :teehee:

(yeah i know i am not the first person ever to make a baby sock but loooook how cute it is! :heart:

It IS cute! :roflhard:

aww shucks…thanks for noticing… :teehee:

Awesome! I’ll try both ways…they don’t look impossible…just a little tedious, but that’s okay. Thanks tons!


Magic Loop is not really tedious. It’s magic. After trying DPNs and gettiing ladderinig every time, I was thrilled the first time I used the magic loop method method. I think you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

BTW cute sock!!

I agree, losnana; I don’t really find Magic Loop tedious, either. Plus, a long circ is really versatile; there is so much you can do with it. Right now, I’m knitting a pair of socks on a 40" circ and I’m loving every bit.

If you want to see them, check out my blog in the “Blog Threads” forum. There are some pictures a couple of pages back.

I haven’t tried socks oby the ML yet, but am knitting the sleeves for a sweater. NO SEAMS !! :cheering: :happydance: