Where to find a discontinued yarn.


I’m looking for a skein of the discontinued Holst Nobleyarn in the color almond#20101.
I’ve looked on Ravelry, the manufacturer’s site, etc. all to no avail. Where does one go to find find just one skein of yarn?

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There are several knitters on Ravelry with the yarn in their stash and two that have the same dye lot listed. Go to the yarn listing on Rav and click on stashes then search for the color or color and dye lot. Sometimes yarn is listed as Not for Sale but that’s a default that is often neglected. You could try getting in touch with the holders and see if they are willing to sell or trade.

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Thank you.
Yes, I looked but they are at the ends of the globe! I imagine the cost to send just one or two skeins will be outrageous!

Sometimes I am able to find a yarn I was looking for on Etsy also. I checked WEBS yarn website but didn’t see anything there. You might check that also as I may have misspelled something. Hope you find what you are looking for!