Where to Buy Yarn

Well I have finally come to the conclusion that this love for Knitting that I have is permanent and I have decided that this is a hobby for me. An actual hobby. and like most hobby’s they are not exactly cheap. So that being said, I have previously gone to the local Hobby Lobby and Michaels store to purchase yarn. Now, I would like to venture to online purchase. (oh I bought some on ebay a mix match of yarn). Anyway There is a question here, I promise… There are so many online yarn shops/stores, etc. Where is the best place to buy. It doesnt have to be the cheapest, b/c as I said I am mentally prepared now to pay for good yarn. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There is only one real yarn store near me and they have just moved and are now closed to the public and are only online now. :tap:

Knitpicks.com, Littleknits.com, and Roxyyarns.com are all great places to get great yarn at cheap prices. Yarnmarket.com is another favorite of mine, although they don’t usually have any discounts. I have to say Little knits is my favorite, they are very friendly and always send a little personal note with my shipment. Makes me feel special:cool: .

I like to order from Knitpicks, Knitting zone, little knits, elann, and for hand dyed yarn I like to shop around etsy…:teehee:

Go to www.yarn.com

It is called Webs and they have great yarn and good discounts.

I do not have unlimited funds, so I will usually buy good, quaility yarn on sale and save it till I have a pattern I want to use with it or I will buy the yarn at my LYS and just pay for a couple of balls at a time and the owner (who is a peach:heart: ) will put the rest in the back room and I pay as I use it!

I also buy on e-bay. The other night I bought 10 skeins of cotton angora by Debbie Bliss for $2.80 per ball, plus 6.00 shipping. It usually sells for about $8.00 per ball! What a deal!:woot:

Once you buy the “good stuff” there is no going back!

Happy yarn buying!

Cool links! I’d also say about http://www.colourmart.com/ (they have a store at ebay as well), they seem to have really nice yarn (although it’s meant for industrial purposes mainly) and it’s not that expensive - a cone with 550 yards of 100% cashmere is less than 40 dollars on most colors with postage price already included. And you can buy a sample pack as well to see if you like them!

If brazilian import taxes weren’t so absurd (60% of the price of the product) i’d buy a cone of silk, cashmere/silk or cotton/cashmere blend (i live in a hot place)

UK eBay!!!

Some great yarns, a lot of variety, though its a bit flat at the moment.

Besides the aforementioned Knit Picks, I’ve also bought yarn online from Herrschnerr’s.

just wanted to point out that of all the sites mentioned Knitpicks has the cheapest shipping charges.

$50 and over is free and the most expensive shipping charge is $3,99