Where to buy yarn?

Hi, I’m new to knitting. Where is the best place to buy yarn, and what is the best yarn to use when making scarf’s?

Being new, I would suggest going to Michaels, JoAnn’s or something of the sort and feeling the yarn. I started with Lion Brand Homespun, and liked learning on it, but I think that any Lion Brand Thick and Quick would be a great choice.

I’d add in Wal*Mart, Garage Sales, and thrift stores too.

There are many places to buy yarn on-line, too.

e-bay :smiley:

Just got an e-mail from knitpiks last today… Yarn is on its way!!! Now the wait is going to be even harder!!! :doh: Darn shipping time :roflhard:

I’m going to have to say Knitpicks.com and Elann.com online for very good prices. I agree with Lisa; when I started out I shopped at Michaels and used almost exclusively Lionbrand…lots & lots of woolease, which is their worsted (medium) weight yarn…it’s a real workhorse!!