Where to buy yarn no longer produced?

I was knitting some months ago and ran out of yarn T_T.I kind of put off buying the new yarn for a while…and now I can’t find it anywhere.I’ve gone to the Joann’s site, the Joann’s store and the Bernat site and they don’t have Handicrafter Cotton in “Imperial Red”.

Does anyone know an online shop I can find yarns that are no longer produced or available?Ebay had nothing :expressionless:

I didn’t see any on a google search or Ebay. The 2 places I would look would be Ebay - try sending a message to a seller listing a different color (esp. if they seem to have an Ebay store) and asking if they have any or know where to get some.

Another great option is Ravelry. Search for the yarn and then look at the “stashes” tab. It will show you who has the yarn in their stash. Some people label their for sale or trade yarn with a tag, those will be listed first. But even if no one has it for sale, page through and see if anyone has some in their stash. They may be willing to sell or trade even if they don’t explicitly say so. :thumbsup:

The only thing that may be limiting in the Ravelry thing is that a lot of times people don’t list all their yarns. For a while I had a TON of Sugar & Cream I’d totally be willing to part with, but it wasn’t listed on my stash page. I recently rectified that after needing some more yarn for a project and thinking about how I could help others, too. Now ALL my stash is listed, even my leftovers!!

Rav also has a deStash/ ISO group you could post on. The limiting factor for that is there will always be more people looking at that forum that need something, rather than who have something. That’s why the stash page is so important!!!

Good luck, running out of yarn SUCKS! What are you making? There could be other work-arounds too if you can’t get more yarn…

Hah, I checked Rav and it’s a popular yarn.
Tarabelle99, beep1o, barefoot chick, melsnik, annamal… all names of Ravelers who have some. I bet you will be successful! :muah:

AH! Thanks for the tip!

I honestly never looked into stashing as anything other than for personal archiving so I [B]never even used it or looked at it[/B].I have a relatively small stash and it’s all organized in ziplocks so I’ve never cataloged my yarns or anything.

feels rather silly now >_>

Oh, and I’m making a rug :slight_smile:

I’m having a hard time finding yarn I just bought! I’m just waiting to see if the manufacturer puts anymore on their site (it’s currently sold out). My big worry is, I got it so cheap, and then the color was not quite what I thought it would be (green instead of grey) and the spinning of the yarn is not quite the thing… I have a feeling I got the “oops, the dye lot was all wrong, quick get it on sale online, email everyone and dont even mention that our monkey spun it” bit.

It’s been said…but I’ll add my 2 cents: Ravelry!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by a fellow Raveler…to buy some yarn out of my stash…also discontinued, or the color discontinued…to finish their project!

And I don’t even have “for sale” signs on any of my stash!:teehee:

I have also had good luck finding yarn through littleknits.com.